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He's not a chef, he's “the chef.”

Among native spices, distinguished recipes and unique culinary skills, this Cordovan character lives life. In the world of Córdoba gastronomy, he is “the chef”.

Chef Roal Zuzulich

 Roal Zuzulich is one of the most renowned chefs in the province.  Culinary skills  run in their veins  and that is why their success in the world of gastronomy was inevitable.  He was born in the birthplace of talented chefs:  his parents,  Estela Maris Crisalli and Roal Zuzulich,  owned a hotel and their kitchen. That's why Roal grew practically  among spices , utensils and recipes. Among the five brothers of the Zuzulich family the tasks were divided:  spice up some sauce, remove the land from the garden or gather the eggs in the chicken coop . Playing, serving guests and cooking  for visitors. That's how this renowned chef  would be doing his professional path since he was very young.  The hotel was located in the mountains of Alta Gracia. A place  that hides its secrets , as  its fertile land gives original and delicious fruits and food. 

The entrance

 Roal worked on a grill during his teens.  First as a waiter and then learning new  skills in cooking.  However, their experience is not reduced to the family or work environment.  He also made    trips  around the world,  where he was able to capture the riddles of cooking from different cultures. In addition, he was trained in different courses that were updating it in  different culinary currents. 

Main course

His first experiences abroad began  with the very high rod,   in the renowned restaurant “Comerç 24” in Barcelona.  He also had his time by the restaurant “Sant Pau” by  the prestigious chef Carme Ruscalleda.  On this journey of experiences Roal met  new applied techniques  and toured different markets discovering  all kinds of regional products.  Thus began an exodus of customs and ingredients, bringing new trends from Europe. This would gradually form a style that  would replicate in Córdoba and Mendiolaza. 

But first I would have  other technical stops  in the old Continent.  Italy and France would be two unique postas  in which he would travel vogadas, small restaurants in  villages and markets  . Soaking up new flavors and role models, Roal completed his journey to return to the Latin American continent. Closer to his hometown, this renowned chef would be a guest of honor to São Paulo, Brazil, by  Luciano Nardelli, the chef of the exclusive D.O.M. 

Strawberry for dessert

Currently,  Roal carries out his own gastronomic venture in Alta Gracia. He named it “Heredity”,  in honor of his ancestrality. In addition, he is part of “Sibaris” as Executive Chef.  However, he never accommodates: he   travels to Europe annually to  be aware of the latest  trends in the most important restaurants. 

Although Herencia Restó's offer is characterized by its simplicity, the experience of  tasting a Zuzulich dish is unmissable.  The combination of  homemade, traditional and regional dishes along with special touches that highlight the chef's vast experience is remarkable. The ability to manage the  flavors and textures  that Roal has become present  once served the Herencia Restó table    .  Turning the place into a mandatory stop for lovers of good eating.

In the words of the great chef:  “With the legacy we receive from our ancestors we carry out this culinary proposal based on the choice of the best products offered by the region's season.” 

So, Roal Zuzulich, invites us to travel on each of his dishes. On the one hand, move to the past, savoring an ancestral experience that is present in each dish. On the other hand, leading us to  experience cooking techniques  that are used  throughout the world  . And finally, they invite us to take a trip to the center of the earth,  from where the delicious delicacies that Roal prepares sprout   . 

Publication Date: 23/10/2020

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