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The headache and its relationship with wine

Some point out that one of the reasons may be what we tell you in this note.

El dolor de cabeza y su relación con el vino6

It is not rare for headaches after having drunk wines, and there are many people who suffer from them. Some note that one of the reasons may be  sensitivity to sulfites. 

It is for this reason that lately we read on some wine  labels  the legend “contains sulfites”, “no sulfites”. All wines contain sulfites, those who say they contain them and those who do not say it.

Sulfites are components of the wine resulting from the addition of SO2 ( sulphurous anhydride ) during its production. Its main functions are: to inhibit or kill undesirable yeasts or bacteria, and protect wine from oxidation. It can alter the color and aroma, or overshadow or dry the wine.

Currently, organic and biodynamic wines are sought natural elaboration without the use of this additive.

A high sulfite content is represented, in certain people with increased sensitivity, in migraines or headaches after consuming the wine.

 Many organic wine producers avoid the addition of sulfites as much as possible , but that results in a more laborious production process and much more investment in time, is portal reason that they are more expensive wines.

In Argentina one of the wineries that has a wine without sulphites is Cecchin Winery.

 Russell (Maipú), is worldwide recognized as the First Red Wine Production Zone in Mendoza  Province   , Argentina  . And it is there, that since 1959, Don Pedro and Jorge Cecchin embrace the dream of making natural products, respecting the charm of natural life and protecting “the mother of all fruits”.

One of its emblems is  a young Malbec who has the legend “no sulfites added” . A wine with aromas typical of the strain, where we find aromas of graphite and black pepper. A dark violet color and owner of an important and balanced structure.

It is this,  a wine in which we will not miss the absence of sulfites , but that we should eagerly try, waiting for results that complete our experience of taste, without a headache.

Publication Date: 13/06/2019

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By: Juan de Dios Candia 14 June, 2019

Un buen regalo para el día del Padre.

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