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Gastronomy as a vehicle of love

Interview with Maria Teresa, a wonderful person who understands gastronomy as a link between people.

By Maria Cabeza.What they are about to read is an interview with Maria Teresa, a wonderful person who understands gastronomy as a link between people and as a metaphor for the feelings of customers in their space: Sweet moments.How were your beginnings?“When I was 18 years old I studied pastries and pastry. I remember that at the time the supplies were very expensive and my dad made me with a wooden broom my first kneading stick, which I still have it. I always had a passion for cooking. From chiquitita, I was interested in what my mother grandmother cooked: she would put a lot of herbs and seasonings to the sauces and I would climb into a bucket and, standing on foot dots, asked her what she was putting on her. They came out delicious! At the time I didn't see it as a business, so I cooked for the family, for acquaintances. I always did something: birthday cakes, cookies, bites. Gustavo, my husband, helped me a lot. When we were doing the deal, I had my parents holding the cakes and my husband coming out of the car and delivering them. Then I studied teaching, but I felt like something was missing... —You're restless.-Yes. And curious.I'm in front of a multitask woman. So much, I don't have to almost ask. Alone opens to tell me her story with a passion that sweetens the ears.“Because I was curious, I worked as a teacher, I am a primary teacher. I was in charge of the areas of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. At the same time, I began to make country breads for my children Alejandro and Micaela and for Gustavo. They took them to school and the classmates asked them, “What are they eating?” “Some panchies my mom makes.” The next question was, “Won't you sell us some? They're very good!” And I made them, I didn't have any problems. They started with bags and ended up carrying Musimundo bags because teachers, preceptors, managers loved. I saw the beta there. Something similar happened with my husband, he took country bread to share with his factory companions and also commissioned him. At the time I had a stress peak that left me without walking for a year, but I didn't waste it and began to knead and do a small business of that curiosity of babysity.I laugh because it never cost me so much (beyond Maria Theresa's so generous predisposition) to “stick a bite” in an interview.-You who were a teacher (or are you, I think it's something you never give up), what is the lack of today's education?−Refloat values and that there is more union between school and family, working together for the same purpose: the boys.“Going back to the kitchen, what is the difference between being a chef and being a cook? I ask you because once a cook said to me, “Don't call me a chef, I'm a cook!”“There is a difference, but it's not that one is more than the other. You're a chef when you're in charge of the kitchen and run people, so only when you can run a group you're chef. But, of the base, we're all cooks. You never stop being a cook. I don't like that when they become chefs they leave the kitchen, leaving aside the pleasure of cooking.— In the word chef there is love and in chef there is leadership?“Certainly. In my case, I supervise from the kitchen until the dish is going to be served to the table. I get involved in full.Why is it called Sweet Moments?“When we were home, I said to myself, “What do I want to give people? And I thought out loud: not just something sweet (I love pastry), I want to give you something pleasant. That when a person eats something we do do it with pleasure. I love that people come here and spread out, that they can chat and that they can do other things and not that they are with a TV immersed in everyday themes. In fact, our TV shows movies of landscapes or quiet music. I'm delighted you guys coming and that's your time. And make it unique. Even if it's fifteen minutes, but make them different, make a difference in your day. That's why a sweet moment, a nice time.“And people are going happy?” Do you feel like you did it?-Yes. I see it, but they also tell us, “I get distracted.”Do you have a nice life?-Yes. I do what I like. Sometimes I would like to do more, I am a very restless person, I like to learn, study, train. If I stop doing it, I feel stagnant. I'm here from 8.30 AM to 11.00 PM and I just finished a 6-month high pastry course along with marketing and ontological coaching. Everything I add and is innovative, I love it.When are you going to stop? And if you stop, what do you like to do?I love watching movies, comedies fascinate me! They make me laugh at simple things, I don't like the vulgar. I look at Les Luthiers, that kind of humor. I also like science fiction and biographies like Steve Jobs, the owner of Apple.— Would you like to have a businessto software?—Noooooo.“I mean, because you see something, you get infected and want to do it. We laughed like two old friends, between sliced and masticas.Do you do a sport?“No, but I love dancing, especially salsa. I dance in the kitchen when there's no one. I'm very cheerful, it's part of my way of being and that of the group with which I live between eight and twelve hours a day.“What fell in love with your husband Gustavo?“Sympathy and simplicity. He's also a good boy, but his personality killed me. I fell in love with his smile, his simplicity. And he just came up to me. I loved it about being able to move forward.“It was like seeing your reflection.” He showed up at the door one day and said, “Hello.” From there in more (I was 17 years old), we never split again. We got married 26 years ago and we've known each other for 31 years... An anecdote?“Once, in the field, I made a clay cake and decorated it with flowers. It was so well done that my cousin ate a piece: she thought it was real chocolate.She had already told me that she sometimes laughs so much that she reminds her when she played with her children: she would throw herself to the floor, do puppet plays, they played at the veo-see. It makes me feel the same: I'm a girl who's bombing her.“Are you crying?“I'm hard to cry. If it happens to me, it's because I don't give more, I'm not easy.“Any phrase, song, movie you identify with?— “Living Life” by Marc Anthony. My spirit lifts up, it gives me joy. It's just that: that you can laugh, you can cry, but life must be lived in the best possible way and enjoy it.— Would you like to add something else for dessert?“Simply that we are here, in this Sweet Moments that is our space, our dream come true, for which each member of my family contributed their bit, hoping that the people who come to share know that here they have a place to enjoy where they will feel accompanied and pampered and where they can breathe peace and Harmony.I get up from the white padded armchair with syrup color cushions and give it a hug. Yeah, I exchange a kiss for a chocolate mousse. Don't worry, be happy!

Publication Date: 20/12/2018

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By: Mecha Quintana 04 January, 2019

Hermosa nota. Muy cálida y un respiro para tanta mala noticia. Gracias por compartirla. Mecha.

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