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Gastronomic rebels of the Buenos Aires menu

Four personalities from Buenos Aires propose a new way to captivate the world's diners.


Buenos Aires has strong culinary traditions, with classic dishes such as patties, Milanese, stews, a variety of pizzas and, of course, Legendarymeats . Today, a new generation of chefs is shaking the palates of Buenos Aires, maintaining, revaluing and refining the classics in order to revalue the old shops, with the aim of maintaining quality and boosting sustainability.

The punk artist who makes vegan food great

Manu Donnet, Donnet, Jorge Newbery 4081.

“ When you eat, you're consuming a unique piece of art: a chef makes ephemeral art, like graffiti. And the better it looks, the more you want to eat it.”

Manu Donnet is a chef who tries to dispel two great myths: that Buenos Aires only has to do with meat and that healthy food and Vegan is uninspiring.

Located accidentally in the emerging district of Chacarita, surrounded by borrowed furniture, it draws inspiration from Ferran Adriá's molecular gastronomy to cultivate haute cuisine vegan with the creative style you can expect from a high-end restaurant.

The young chef, who is not strictly vegan and started her career at a McDonald'slocal, gets most of her raw material from small organic gardens in the province of Buenos Aires. His nod to the Argentine tradition comes in the form of mushroom patties (the only time he uses flour) and, although he does not make pizza, he carries out a radical reissue of fainá, a traditional chickpea flour bread served as an accompaniment to pizza in Buenos Aires.

“ Cooking is a responsibility and you must do it conscientiously. As a cook, the best I can give the world is vegan, raw and tasty. Most people who come here aren't even vegetarians and that's the point. I did not intend to make a restaurant for vegans, but a restaurant that would show people who eat grill that they can also eat mushrooms once in time.”

Publication Date: 18/10/2019

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