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Garúa: a drink with a magic ingredient

You will not imagine what the secret of this cocktail is.

Did they ever tell you “finite you”? To make this  drink , first you're going to have to wait for  it to rain ...



In a glass of composition place, along with six beautiful ice stones, gin, vermouth, anise and rainwater. Cool and strain into a  cocktail glass, garnish with coffee beans and/or anise star.


In a bucket collect rainwater. Boil and sift, repeat the procedure three times, and then store in a refrigerator.

 About the author 

I grew up in Pinamar, on the coast of Buenos Aires, facing the Argentine Sea, cradled by tides, that movement of ascent and descent of the waters caused by the Sun and the Moon. The Atlantic Ocean and its horizon reminded me of where my grandparents came from. The sea is a metaphor for my life. I'm Renato Giovannoni, I was a waiter, a gardener and a mason. I studied film in Los Angeles, I also like to draw and I was a director of advertising art. But I chose to be a bartender, and everything I learned from the places and the people I met I apply to my drinks. Living is also sailing, and there is a drink to accompany every moment. They know me as  Tato . Welcome to my sea.

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