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Flavors of Catamarca to delight

Get to know the diversity of this fascinating province through its gastronomy. On this occasion, we share three must-see recipes.

Gastronomía Catamarca

For many, gastronomy can be understood as  “a landscape put on a plate”. Knowing the different flavors and  foods of the region  is an excellent way to  mix with the customs of its inhabitants.  This time we bring you three catamarqueños dishes so that your trip to this beautiful province of northern Argentina starts on your  palate. 

Humita in olla

The first proposal is a tasty way to turn the corn into an exquisite dish with few ingredients and in a simple way. The first thing is to grate the corn next to the squash and reserve. Here you can choose between doing it with a minipimer or manual, which is recommended if you are looking to make your  dish  more native.

Moreover, a saucepan should be heated and add two tablespoons of oil. Add onions cut into small cubes until transparent. Then add pepper and tomato to finish cooking for about 3 minutes.

Once our onions and peppers are ready, we add the corn and the squash we had reserved, mix with a wooden spoon and sprinkle to taste. While we stir our preparation, we pour milk until we integrate all our ingredients and achieve a uniform and thick texture.

For the sauce we will need to place in a frying pan over moderate heat pepper and green onions. We cook for 7 minutes and season to taste. To serve the dish a casserole is used, and first, a piece of cheese is placed, top the preparation of humita is added to finally decorate with the sauce.


In plenty of seasoned water should be allowed to boil the selected meat so that it is tender enough and can be deflected and integrated into the preparation. Once we have our shredded meat we proceed to place in a pot corn and beans (which must be previously soaked).

Meat should be seasoned with any seasonings that are preferred. In a pot mix corn, beans, meat and cook over low heat adding water if necessary. It is advisable to use an iron saucepan or use firewood in this way the recipe will enhance its flavor. The mote is accompanied with a sauce of onion and pepper fried in cow fat.


The first thing is to get a good Korean, here is the key to our dish can be a real delight. We must choose the most orange and tender color since with it we will make a puree that is then reserved. Moreover you should cook a chosen cut of meat to the point where it can be crumbled.

In a saucepan over moderate heat, sauté the green onion and then add a broth. Stir until everything is integrated and meat is added. At this point you should salt and season the preparation leaving it to finish cooking over low heat.

Then mix the corn flour with the pumpkin puree and add gradually the broth we use to cook the meat. The ideal is to get a wet mass to form that we can work.

The presentation of the tamal is done with the cholo shala, which must be soaked in water at least one night before being used. Puree should be our base and inside it should contain meat, to which you can add grated egg and roe raisins. They are closed as if it were a caramel and cooked in boiling water for not less than 40 minutes.

Ready,  enjoy  these catamarquean wonders!

Publication Date: 28/10/2020

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