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Fernet is the ugliest drink in the world

Like shoe ointment with mint, forgiveness from the ointment industry.

Says a fairly popular American food and drink critic. More precisely,  he wrote it in the magazine Marketwatch , where he makes a detailed description of the history of the drink and its composition.

In case all you do is enjoy the national elixir par excellence, I tell you that  the origins date back to 1845 and that it is composed of 27 herbs .

In his article, the gentleman says  that there are people who are slow to discover a refined taste; but for him, he tastes like ointment for shoes with mint . He ends up exposing the famous Cordovan formula of mixing it with  Coca .

And here is the crux of the question: if it is a drink to mix, if you alone don't have it, it's because of the taste, obvious. So, I think we need to redefine things.  Let us accept that the bitterness of the fernet is unbearable   and that it is the ugliest drink in the world  . And let's say the one that Argentines like the most is “fernet con coca”. Solomonic solution.

Come one by one.

Rating: 3.50/5.