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Essential tasks

The good work developed in the vineyard becomes a good quality in the harvest.

Tierra del Huarpe

The wine has its origin in the vineyard and the one in charge of its first steps is the winegrower. He must put the necessary means to conduct the cultivation of the vineyard in the sense of achieving these goals. It has the power to voluntarily vary the expression of the harvest.

Some of his work are fundamental and determine the production of quality wines.

The main purpose of pruning is to balance or adapt the production of the vineyard. It is important to achieve regular harvests, having to be done annually and is done in winter before the sprouting of the vine.

Another operation that can be performed in the vineyard, is thinning of fruits. This involves discarding by removing a certain amount of bunches of grapes to balance the amount of grapes with the leaf surface.

The vineyero also carries out the defoliation or removal of older and photosynthetically less active leaves, located at the base of the shoots, to improve the aeration and illumination conditions of the clusters, reducing the risk of rot and increasing the maturation of the bunches. themselves, especially in polyphenols.

It deals with fertilization that has a very important role in the physiology of the vine, as well as in the quality and quantity of harvest produced. Large wines generally come from soils poor in fertilizer compounds, but nevertheless on some occasions corrections by appropriate fertilizers or soil amendments are necessary.

Irrigation is another of the most important factors of the tasks to be performed to control the vigor of the vineyard, and should be applied only to promote the qualitative development of the grapes, and never to increase the amount of the harvest.

The Tierra del Huarpe winery sets its beginnings in 2001, when a group of entrepreneurs vineyards, as well as businessmen, are self-convening in order to combine efforts and enhance capacities to produce their wines themselves.

In the Tulum Valley, San Juan Argentina, are the vineyards owned by the winery's partners, from which grapes come from year to year.

From the most refined selection of vineyards, highlighting the characteristics of the different terroirs, is born 7 Viñas, a line of fresh, young and fruity varieties.

7 Viñas Syrah 2016 shows a color chart with full red and violet, great intensity and shades. Its aromas give ethereal presence of vanillas, balsamic touches of mints and some memories of jams. The mouth is enbelated with its smooth and harmonious entrance where the tannins have no edges but structure. They are round, velvety and persistent, providing greasiness and elegance for a great finish.

A syrah sanjuanino, in which seven vineyards who know their origin and road traveled, led to a sublime expression.

Publication Date: 25/11/2020

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