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Entrance, dish and dessert well missionaries

We put together the complete menu of traditional dishes from the most diverse province of Argentina: Misiones, a town that is built from its diversity and does not stop growing through its dishes.

comidas y recetas

Misiones is characterized by  sharing traditions and gastronomy with Argentine provinces as well as Paraguay and Brazil.  Therefore, its  gastronomic offer is varied and diverse, but also delicious and tasty. In this note we tell you  3 inaltable and traditional recipes from the missionary people  to put  together a menu  of northeast Argentina.

 Entrance: Fried Cassava 

Cassava is  one of the most produced foods in the Misiones area  and that is why it is the protagonist of many dishes. But it not only accompanies millennial recipes, but also eaten alone and fried, like potato. This tuber is marketed in any shopping cart or business in Misiones and  all visitors fall in love  with its flavor. And it's the perfect entrance to any good missionary meal.

  • ½ kilo of cassava
  • Salt and white pepper to taste
  • Oil c/n
 Step by step 
  1. Peel and wash the cassava. Bring to a boil in water with a little salt until tender.  Remove, drain  and allow to dry.
  2. Cut the cassava into small pieces about 4 centimeters long.
  3. Fry in plenty of oil and let brown
  4. Remove and put on absorbent paper to remove excess oil
  5. Finally serve and season with salt and pepper to taste.

 Main course: Churrasco al spradín 

Churrasco al espadín is  a special preparation of Misiones . It is the dish par excellence of meetings and celebrations, since its preparation is simple and delicious, and is similar to a roast. It is a churrasco that, instead of  being presented in a fountain , is crossed by a  sprat 50 to 70 cm  long, nailed on supports and from which diners eat. The use of “sprat” not only serves for presentation, but also for cooking. The striking thing about this recipe is that it can be  combined with various ingredients and types of vegetables.  The typical form includes bell and onion, although thousands of variants can be added to it.   And even the “chicken with sprat” is usually done  , in the same mode.

  • 12 units of large sticks for skewers from 50 to 70 cm
  • 1 kilogram of beef cut into pieces (black pulp, goose or tenderloin) It can also be chicken
  • 2 units of red paprika cut into large pieces
  • 2 units of green peppers cut into large pieces
  • & nbsp; 3 units of onions cut into large pieces
  • 300 grams of mushrooms cut in half
  • 1 pinch of Salt
  • 1 pinch of Pepper
  • 1 tablespoon of Olive oil
 Step by step 
  1. Chop meat, onions, red and green paprika into pieces, and fresh mushrooms in half. Pieces should be of a similar size so that the skewer fits well.
  2.  Threads on the sticks  the piece of meat alternating with the vegetables until they complete the skewer, leaving free one side to grab. Sprinkle with salt and pepper to season and sprinkle with olive oil to cook grilled or grilled.
  3. The fire should be medium high and put the skewers about 4 fingers away from the fire so  that they can be done well 
  4.  .  

 Dessert: Sweet de mamón 

El dulce de mamón is a tradition of gastronomy in Paraguay and northeast Argentina. It is a dessert made with a fruit from the region: sweet de mamón.  It is a traditional recipe  that  needs few ingredients  and results in an exquisite sweet dessert ideal for small and large.  

  • 1 kilo of green sucker
  • 1 kilo of sugar
  • 1 sack of bicarbotato
  • Water
 Step by step 
  1. The first thing we need to do is remove the peel from the fruit and split it in half. Then cut it into wedges or slices
  2. Wash the suckers and  place them in a saucepan with water . Let it boil for at least 5 minutes. Remove from heat and insert the boiled fruit into a bowl of water. Add the baking soda envelope. Let stand for 1 hour.
  3. Rinse the baking soda and again immerse the baby in a saucepan with a little water until half of the baby cover. Add the sugar and let it simmer until the mixture begins to rinse.  Tip:  Do not remove the fruit!
  4. Let the mixture with sugar boil for 2 hours on low heat, if the water evaporates,  add boiled water .

Once the sucker is soft, and has cooled, he is  ready to serve and delight every diner.  


Publication Date: 08/04/2021

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