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Entrance and dessert made in Santa Cruz

Two recipes of pate, and a patagonian compote, to show you off in a joint.

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Have you ever thought about making  pate ? What a rich thing that makes you get out of step a little patecito with water cookies or bread. Well, today we bring you two recipes for pate, but not any pate: they are preparations made in  Santa Cruz  to accompany a main meal. But that's not all, you can also show off for dessert with another recipe.

 Lamb pate 

For this preparation we need a  Patagonian lamb liver, a piece of fat of   pork , an  onion , a  potato , salt, pepper and oil.

Foie pate is very easy to cook, and in addition, its preparation does not take too long: the   lamb   liver should be boiled next to the piece of pork fat and a small potato, & iquest; For what a potato? to give it a little consistency in the subsequent step. When it is ready, let it cool and now yes, we begin to chop the ingredients cooked with an onion. To finish, salt and pepper should be put to taste, and the necessary oil. Once everything is ready, we grab the bread, or the cookies, and enjoy it.

 Hare pate 

For this second preparation we need a  hare  -if possible, boneless, as it will save us time, a kilo of bacon  , eight anchovies  , half tied of green chives, a teaspoon of paprika, 250 grams of  mushrooms and the necessary amount of salt.

The small animal will be cut into small pieces (prior boning, if we do not get it so), leaving aside the thighs, which will be used later. This will be mixed with the kilo of bacon, to which we will also cut it in small proportions. Pasta can be made thicker - more compact, passing it through a blender, but it is at personal taste.

Then, we place in a bowl, with the 8 crumbled anchovies, the half tied of finely cut green onions, paprika and salt.

All this is mixed for the last part: in a pan where you can make a bain-marie, smeared with butter and put in it half the pasta, then add the thighs of the hare cut into slices and then add the 250 mushrooms, also into small pieces.

Subsequently, we put the remaining pasta and for the next two hours, the magic of cooking will do your thing. Once that time has elapsed, let cool and serve.

With the hare or lamb pate, we can chop before the main course. But to make it complete, let's prepare something for dessert.


 Compote of curinth raisins 

For this recipe we will need -worth redundancy - 80 grams of curinto raisins, 8 units of natural yogurt without sugar, 2 cups of apple juice, 4  oranges , 2  pears , 2  apples ( yes, we use fruit in addition to cups of juice), half  Pineapple , 2 cinnamon sticks (which can also be ground) and 30 grams of brown sugar.

The preparation is relatively easy, without many complications. Put the 2 cups of apple juice in a saucepan on the fire; and then add the 30 grams of brown sugar, corinth raisins and cinnamon (either on sticks or ground). After the sugar dissolves, we will simmer for 5 minutes and add the peeled fruits and cut into pieces to the saucepan.

When they are tender, about 5 minutes approximately, cover and let cool; to this we will add the natural yogurt, with which each person will decide whether to mix it completely in a compote or will select with the spoon the quantities of each part of the dessert.

When you are all satisfied with the entrance and the main course, you can leave with your tummy full and your heart happy with this dessert, to crown this well  santacruceña meal.

 Set it up for your next meeting!  

Publication Date: 18/02/2021

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