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Ensaimada de San Pedro

They are not difficult to make but require a little patience to stretch the dough.


They say that it is very difficult to know its origin, who took the recipe to Mallorca. What is known is that the word ENSAIMADA comes from SAIM, in catalan, lard, with what is puff past.In Argentina, exactly in San Pedro, arrives in 1868 with the first immigrants.They are usually eaten stuffed with custard, dulce de leche and even with salty fillings like cold cuts and sprinkled with sugar.uacute; car impalpable above. Of course also without filling, they are super light.They are not difficult to do but require a little patience to stretch the dough.Lean carefully. Ingredients  Flour 1 kg.Yeast 100 gr.Warm water 350 c.Sugar 150 gr.Eggs 4.Lard 250 gr. ( Note : use 150 gr of sugar if you are going to fill with creams or with salted but if you eat it just put 200 gr. It has enough yeast to not wait so much in the leaven, but if you prefer you can use it Less and arm yourself with patience) Procedure:  -Sponge: in a bowl put warm water and yeast and dissolve it. Then put a reasonable amount of flour to make a squeak dough. Spread your hands with oil, make a ball and let it leave twice.-In a large bowl place the eggs and sugar and beat until the granites disintegrate. Add the sponge into bits and disassemble it. Place the flour until a light, tender dough is made (maybe not take all the flour) .-Knead 30 minutes. Let leaven, brush it with oil and cover it and leave to leaven 2 or 3 times its volume. Cut the dough into 4 equal parts.- Armed: depending on what you want to do, for a huge braided ensaimada as for a plate 30x40 use two parts of the cut dough (half, bah). To make large ensaimadas as a pizza maker I use one part (i.e. I could take out 4 ensaimadas). To make individual, with a part of the dough come out 9 large bills type ensaimadas. For the 30x40: stretch the dough with dove on a greased table (do not use oil because it will slip them) as much as they can and then go stretching it with your hands carefully as they would with the strudel dough until it is transparent. Spread with lard and roll from both opposite ends until they come together in the center, cut the dough to get 2 rolls. Let the oiled roll stand for at least 30 minutes so that the tenacity goes away and put to stretch/lengthen it more. Then I place it on oiled plate in the form of a turban leaving about 2 fingers away between each turn and smash it a little.-For the pizza maker: I stretch in the same way above, I spread with lard, roll. Rest 30 minutes and stretch the roll. I place it in greased pizza maker in turban shape leaving about 2 fingers away between each round and crush it a little.For the individual: I stretch the dough in the same way but this time about 25 wide and the rest long, I spread with lard, roll one end and give 2 or 3 turns short the dough and with that roll already I have to do an individual ensaimada. First assemble all the rolls, stretch and thread.Once given the shapes, whatever the option chosen, let leaven until the turban unalls, that there are no spaces where you see the base of the plate. This could take 4 hours, depends on the room temperature.-Cooking: splash the dough with a few drops of water, oven at about 160ºC, for about 20-25 minutes approximately until golden brown on top.-Withdrawal, let cool and before serving sprinkle with impalpable sugar. Optional : can be filled with pastry cream, dulce de leche and some also fill it with cold meats.

Publication Date: 05/10/2018

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