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Easy recipes: pork to the stake

Did you imagine cooking a piglet at the stake could be easy? I followed the steps in this note and lucite with your friends.

cerdo a la estaca

It always seemed to me that making roasts to the stake was just for  teachers  , the hours of preparation of the soil, the animal to cook, the embers and the same stake. And  the hours needed for it to be ready . It's not for anyone. Or at least I thought so. Inside Santa Fe there are people who cook the stake with great quality. So, as we told you in our Traditions section,  there is a village that has the pig festival  to the stake. It's crazy: thousands of people visit it, cook about a thousand kilos! of pig. And, of course, the bailanta and the jolgorio are armed, as in a good feast of santafesina.

Seeing that ten piglets on the stake, put into an endless round of fire, reinforces the concept: cooking like that is only for specialists. However,  chatting with Santafesino rotisserias, I came across a simple recipe  to be able to cook to the stake. So, to be honest: of course doing it is not for anyone. But anyone who knows how to make a roast, if they have patience and want to eat something very rich, can send a rich pig to the stake.

We leave you here, then, what you need, and how to prepare him as a  champion .

 The ingredients 

  • One piglet

  • Three or four heads of garlic,  depending on the weight of the animal 

  • Two or three lemons, according to the same criterion

  • Half well of oil

  • Salt and pepper to taste


The piglet to the stake, according to the recipe of Llambi Campbell, is done  by placing the pig in a cross shaped metal armor . Put it nailed to the ground, head down. The detail to be taken care of is to keep a distance from the  flames  to achieve a slow cooking. It takes three to four hours. Another key tip: wind direction should not affect the animal's spine. If this happens, it must be covered with a sheet or other element.

In the village, it  is customary to seasoning it the night before,  with salt and pepper to taste, half a well of oil, garlic heads and a good amount of lemon juice. All this, mix it in a bowl, and then season.

The next day,  start the fire early.  If you put the piglet on the stake around 9 o'clock, you will arrive by 13 to eat it at a very tasty point.

Publication Date: 05/09/2020

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