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Dreidel bets on Kosher market

The national and global Kosher market is very attractive for Argentine wines. Thus was born 'Dreidel', Huentala Wines's big bet.

Huentala Wines

 Huentala Wines is  a  wine tourism  venture of the Camsen family, owned in  Mendoza  from Sheraton and Huentala hotels. The 230 hectare land is located in  Gualtallary , at more than 1400 metres above sea level. In addition to vineyards it has luxury accommodation, restaurant and multi-purpose lounge. With his wine Dreidel bets on the Kosher market.

“We are a family of Jewish tradition and the idea of producing a  Kosher  wine began almost as a whim. We had a particular interest in this reason. We researched and discovered that the market is very attractive in Argentina and around the world. This is how our wine ' Dreidel ' was born, a bet with a lot of heart. Its name is the Hebrew translation of perinola, the popular game associated with the Chanukah holiday. The one with miracles, and my favorite,” says Paola Camsen. Head of Marketing and Communication at  Huentala Wines  and  Dreidel Brand Manager. 

 Beyond the religious  

In order for a product to be considered  Kosher , its entire industrial process, from the origin of the raw material and treatment of each component, must comply with a strict set of hygiene and quality standards. The  Cashrut Rules . In the case of  Dreidel  they are supervised by national (Ajdut Kosher from Argentina) and international rabbinical certifications (Baadatz Beit Iosef from Israel and OU from the United States).

“The  Kosher  or Casher concept is increasingly known and valued among consumers as it is synonymous with quality. In fact, in the United States, the number of people opting for these products represents 5 times the total number of local Jewish community. Which shows that this preference is not only religious,” emphasizes Paola Camsen.

 Dreidel's first match, of 14,000 litres, was produced in 2018. With Malbec grapes from the  Huentala Wines  estate in Gualtallary.

The line has two versions

Mevushal (refers to cooked or pasteurized wine that can be served by anyone and is identified with a green label). And No Mevushal (that unpasteurized specimen that can only be manipulated by a person observing the precepts in order not to lose his Kosher condition, whose label is blue).

“A new edition of  Dreidel,  Malbec  Reserva, will soon be on the market. Which is already in barrel. And then, a sweet wine -also called de ritual- will complete the series of 4 wines, such as the sides of the perinola,” says the Brand Manager.

 Dreidel  is exported to the United States, some countries in Europe and others in Latin America.  In  Buenos Aires  it is marketed in the main shops and restaurants Kosher;   also in wine bars. And in the Jewish communities of  Córdoba  and other provinces in the interior of the country. In  Mendoza   you can find hotels and wine shops.  

Publication Date: 18/05/2019

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