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Dom Perignon: a story that was born in the 17th century and transcends borders

Dom Pierre Perignon was responsible for the fact that sparkling wines exist today and that almost all wines are covered with cork.

Come soon, I'm drinking the stars! , shouted the bartender at the Abbey Dom Perignon, alluding to the accidental bubbles obtained in his wines.

From that story to the present day, these drinks have been harvesting more and more followers for their freshness, ductility and elegance.

In recent years we have seen that it is a  wine  that can be drunk at any occasion, even at any time, because it is the most versatile of all. It is a very good companion of the most diverse meals with which it produces an excellent pairing.

Due to the low operating temperature, acidity and bubbles you get a very pleasant feeling of freshness that few people dare to ignore.

The presence of bubbles in it is achieved after causing a second fermentation to a base wine, with very good acidity and low alcohol content.

The “stars” of the well-known monk are obtained by various methods. One not very widespread is the Chaussepied Method. System consisting of carrying out the second fermentation of the sparkling wine in tanks of about 3,000 liters.

Hom Sparkling dates its beginnings with the evolution of 2002 due to the need of Winemaker Diego Menéndez to venture into the passion of wine, choosing the development of sparkling wines in order to differentiate itself in a somewhat overcrowded market. From this, he decides to outline a product of artisanal soul, individual character and own seal.

With grapes from the Upper  Mendoza River, as well as the zealous details of their elaboration, HOM is born. A project focused on the elaboration of sparkling wines.

Hom Brut Rosé is a sparkling wine made from Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes using the Chaussepied second fermentation method and obtaining up to 14 grams of sugar per bottle.

It is a sparkling with a strong presence of foam and a persistent achievement of the swinging of its bubbles in the cup. Which together with the foam are produced at the same time crowning the  cup  in a very subtle way.

Dressing the bottle wearing shades of oranges and honeys. Its pearls raise aromas of strawberries and soft cherries, with presences of green apple, citrus and wild herbs.

A sip shows a great palette of flavors and an imposing sensation of freshness. The fruits are repeated in the mouth accompanied by a well-balanced acidity, where with mild sweetness is filled with soft and creamy bubbles the palate that rejoices with the nectar of the  drink  leaving in its wake a wake of pleasant memories .

The time of sparkling wines opens and it will be necessary that we have varieties like this that attract our attention and allow us to enter a world full of stars like those of the accidental event that saw them born.

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