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Do you dare to try new strains?

We present you a copy with notes of Malbec and Grenache.

Textual Caladoc

In the exercise of a visit to a wine bar, we see that eventually, when we thought we knew all the vines that existed, some that did not appear. In fact,  we only know less than 10% of the existing  varieties   .

The introduction of new species is in charge of the National Institute of  Viticulture .  The INV, in search of strains that adapt to our terroirs , through ampelology, carries out studies and tests of different strains implanted in the world.

Thus,  Familia Zuccardi has carried out the work, for several years to implant infrequent grape varieties in Argentina . In some cases, such strains are virtually unknown outside their place of origin. Today, there are just over 35 grape varieties that Familia Zuccardi cultivates in an experimental stage. This means that,  for some years, agronomists and winemakers monitor these strains and their adaptation to the soil, climate and environmental conditions of their farms . Naturally, some varieties fit well and others not so much. During this experimental stage, the wine obtained with these grapes goes to the market under the Santa Julia Innovation line.

However, there are varieties that after several years continue to demonstrate an excellent adaptability and consistency in the quality of the wines they produce, to the point that they deserve to be vinified with a style of greater intensity, more body and aged in barrels. It is these that give rise to Zuccardi Textual. This line is the first step of the winery's high-end wines.

 One of the strains in production is called Caladoc . It was discovered in 1958 and is a variety developed in France by the genetic crossing of two other varieties:  Malbec  and Grenache. This is how this third grape is obtained, which maintains some of the characteristics of the two that give origin, but with its own profile.

Textual Caladoc, is a wine with 100% of this grape. Aged in second and third use oak barrels for 10 months. In its tasting notes we see an intense ruby red color with purple sparkles. On the nose we find marked notes of red and black fruit, such as strawberry, blackberry and plum, added to spices from barrel aging. Friendly entrance, with sweet and firm  tannins  , juicy and intense mouth with a long finish.

Good specimen with notes of Malbec and Grenache. Ideal for pairing with  roasted meats  and  pasta  with red sauce.

It is likely then that we will continue to be surprised at the appearance of unknown strains on the gondolas. And we will be eager to discover its goodness.

Publication Date: 16/05/2019

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