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Diego and his Casa Grande

A kid came to El Bolson with a dream: not to cook meals, but offer flavored experiences. We tell you about Diego and his “Casa Grande”.


  Diego “Fito” Yañez lives in the Bolsón   . He is there years ago, he is a gastronomic entrepreneur who only recently started his project   The Big House.   If you ask him if he's a chef, Diego tells you no: he has a tertiary degree in gastronomy, executive chef, but he laughs while he dismisses the idea: “You are a cook, French chefes who is fifty, sixty years ago in the kitchen and knows everything that happens.” Diego is modest, but not quite,   in his voice it is evident the pride that his recipes produce.   Speak passionately about   mousse   of trout and the effect of nitrogen that dissolves it in your mouth, of roast meat that one can cut with the spoon, of trips that one can do with the tongue and the palate just savoring meals.   It's a little magical.   And you're hungry.

I called him after having done some research on him, but he barely attended me he told me he was in the middle of a project of”   detailing   of cars”. I started to sweat (“I was wrong about Diego Yañez”). “But you... what are you doing, Diego? ”, I asked confused.   “I... do what I like. I try to do everything I like,”   replenished, with simplicity. If we all had the ideas so clear.

Your story

  Diego grew up in Buenos Aires. He always knew he was adopted,   but not much more than that. When his mom passed away, his dad sat him down to talk. His parents had a pact, as he found out later, and when one died, the other would tell him the truth of his arrival in that family.   “We got you out of a shoebox in a hospital,” his father confessed.   After attempting to adopt by law without success, their parents' despair put them in contact with a hospital nurse, who told them that there was a pregnant girl and that she did not want to have her. For a sum that Diego, who “Fito”, would never find out, he came to the hands of those who raised him with a lot of love.   His passion for cooking was inherited from his father. From her mom, the delicate, the subtle   , he says.

He arrived in El Bolsón in 2012 after leaving the trade as a delivery man.   Before, he had spent ten years delivering merchandise to Chinese supermarkets, which allowed him to live and study   until he decided to go south. Perhaps, he elucovers, his obsession with Patagonia began on his graduate trip to Puerto Madryn. It was after touring different places that he decided that El Bolsón was his place.

Diego currently has “Lo de Fito,   wok & sushi”,   which is successful in the middle of the region.          Sometimes you see a countryman who comes with the facon back, but asks you a few sticks,” he tells, perhaps fun with the cosmopolitanism he adds to the town.   In 2017 he won the Combate Gourmet sponsored by San Giorgio with his dish of Vanucci Raviolones from Deer al Malbec (“eight hours of cooking”, Diego clarifies me, with a raspeo of excitement) with Masa Animal Print.   Don't you see what I'm saying? This guy's imagination!  

E   flavored xperiences  

When you talk to him,   Diego speaks in terms of “experiences with taste”, which he offers in his most recent project La Casa Grande,   a restaurant inside. ”   There are twelve people only per night, only per reservation, and a four-step menu.   So, I have enough time to play a lot. Originally we started with themed kitchen. One night in Buenos Aires with a roast that was eight hours braised, that you cut it with a spoon. Italian, Arab, Brazilian nights. Everywhere: it was to travel for flavor. On top of it, he just happened to start the restaurant.”


  Diego hadn't stayed on the street, but almost.   He had a bad experience with an associate and a restaurant they were carrying out and,   Suddenly, he was out of work and without money.   He called the owner of the house he was renting, “I said, 'I have to give you the house back. It's a shame because I have a great project. I have a project of a restaurant inside and a kitchen school. And the chabón liked the idea and he said, 'Stay, don't leave the house, 'and I partnered with the shabón.”

They reformed their home for this dream and   Diego still can't believe how his luck changed. “And when I opened it was amazing, it was amazing, a re good acceptance.   People, of course, have known me ten years ago.” In addition, it carries out its Cooking School, which receives adults and children.

I asked him if there are more tourists or locals, a little bit doing intelligence because I wanted to go: “In the year people here, and in the summer also quite a lot of people here because they can collapse everything and come here. Because it's not that people are renewed, but it's those 12 a night and smart.   It's not like you're eating and they look at you out the window saying, 'Give it, hurry up because I want to eat. ' No. It's another rhythm   ”. And you see that offering that experience, and giving it the time it deserves, loves it.

Diego loves to be a cook, with all his heart.   He says seeing the face of his diners after every bite is being in the sky.  

Publication Date: 19/06/2020

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