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Desert that quenches thirst

Arid soils, rich in minerals, sun and wind, allow you to put in the bottle a unique and different product.

Bodega del Desierto

A country vast in expanses and riches, where ductile soils show wide production possibilities. Areas shown yertas at first glance, express life from within and the seeds of vines accustomed to thin soils sprout in the Pampas desert.

From the southwest of the province of La Pampa Argentina, in the soils of the Alto Valle del Rio Colorado, within the boundaries of Patagonia emerges as an oasis between oil and gas fields, between gypsum and bentonite farms, Bodega del Desierto.

A place where the mention of heights is of no greater importance, with vineyards that are 330 meters above sea level, and an arid and alluvional soil, rich in minerals along with the powerful and endless combination of sun and wind.

Grapes that express uniqueness and character allowing you to know wines with great nuances from the great palette that Argentina has.

An adventure that began in 2001 with the first vines plantations and that in a few years show a development with great potential.

The 2013 harvest delivered great wines throughout the country and here was no exception.

Desert 25, a blend composed of 40% Cabernet Franc, 40% Malbec and 20% Merlot expresses the balance that occurs between climate, land and experts who produce it.

Nine moons after resting in French and American oak barrels was fractionated and bottled the following year. Today with seven years in bottle we find a wine that expresses mystery and quality.

Bright and very lively reds dance in the glass allowing their tone to be displayed boldly and begin to seduce our senses.

In a first olfactory approach we can warn that we will need time to appreciate its attributes, it will appear little by little. The balance of aromas does not allow one to stand out over another. Cabernet Franc has provided the structure on which the scaffolding is built, Malbec its colors and flowers and Merlot the elegance that amalgates the aromas.

The unctuosity with which it glides between palate and tongue is not attacked by tannins that although well present, are round, pleasant and harmonic. The memory left on the palate is very pleasant, the itch of the peppers with the sweetness of the cooked black fruits, the acidity that expresses life in coexistence with almost imperceptible alcohol, mocha and tobacco, are signs of a great oenological achievement.

A pleasure apart is to appreciate the empty glass aromas where vanillas, chocolate and roses complete a unique experience.

Wines in La Pampa? Yes! And very happy that it is.

Publication Date: 11/12/2020

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