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A unique, round and balanced wine. With a good finish and persistence worth trying


The wine road holds discoveries and astonishment. Many wineries offer products and simply some invite us to discover a different one, and able to dazzle us. This was the experience with a bottle of Finca Las Moras. Sanjuanina winery that loads with adepts and detractors. Usually in it I had not found outstanding ones. Today I tried Paz, a bivarietal wine 2013. Half Cabernet Sauvignon, half Cabernet Franc. Its label dictates 15 months of first use French Oak and is already, in itself a great promise. The vineyards from which this blend is obtained are located in the Flint Valley and Tulum Valley between 650 and 1350 meters above sea level. With warm days and cold nights that allow you to get tasty and spicy cabernets. With a recommended guarding time of 4 years, 2013, it came time to be drunk. And the recommendation typed on the label is the answer to the rhetorical question of every wine collector. Is this the time to open it? With a time of rest in the glass gives off balanced aromas of red fruits and green pepper. A little common in these strains. Tears run through the glass and show their passage through barrels and their 14 degrees of alcohol. The different is coming in the mouth. That's where I found a unique experience. Tannic specimen with a good level of astringency. Flavors of red fruits, leather and ash... but something stood out above the rest and there he got the plus. Chocolate notes were both persistent and pleasant. And just thinking that a grape can develop that kind of flavors similar to the original is magical. In short, a unique, round and balanced wine. With a good finish and persistence that is worth trying.

Publication Date: 29/08/2018

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