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Curious details that I encounter when I research about the favorite drink of Argentines. Read this note and find out.


By  Laura Imaz 

Don't be afraid, the  word  doesn't exist, hahaha! I came up with the headline of the note, illustrating the curious details I encounter when I research on everyone's favorite drink.

For example, do you know in which country they drink more mate than in our latitudes? Well, in Syria! He is the largest importer of missionary weed. Immigratory flows at the end of the 19th century (19) brought many families from Syria and Lebanon. When years later, many returned to their countries, brought the mate culture back with them, and they are as  fans of mate  as we are! It changes the way they take, because, while they do it at a social gathering, like here... what circulates is water, not mate! Everyone uses his own bowl and  bulb , and the water and the thermos are shared. Matte is usually made of glass or ceramic.


Do you know that mate contains  vitamins  of the B complex, necessary for our body to take advantage of the energy of food? Do you know that mate contains potassium and magnesium, necessary to take advantage of food proteins? Do you know that mate contains xanthines, a  natural source of energy , stimulating physical and intellectual performance? Do you know that mate contains polyphenols, which make it a powerful antioxidant?

That's right, folks. Our humble mate is a source of vitamins and minerals, and also helps us to be young and alert.How good it is to drink mate! Until the next  infusion , folks.

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[oembed:serargentino url=” https://www.serargentino.com/argentina/tradiciones/matear-en-tiempos-de-cuarentena"][oembed:serargentino url=” https://www.serargentino.com/paladar/rosquitas-fritas-para-una-mateada-cordobesa “]

MatearKill in quarantine times
rosquillas fritasFried donuts for a Cordovan mateada

Publication Date: 27/09/2018

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