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The nineteenth century has the fundamental characteristic of being a period of great change.

Las Andanas

Everything seems very simple and even almost obvious, but in those days of the 19th century, ideas were at the service of solving the great challenges that were presented day by day. Just imagine the merit of creating authentic microclimates (between four walls), without any mechanical air conditioning, everything naturally, is amazing!

The wineries faced a sharp increase in demand, which forced the storage of a larger volume, and the transition from a vintages system to the prevailing day of cavas, which required specific conditions. The tricks and ingenuity of the constructions are the result of experience and study and hence they all follow, a common pattern in which we seek to enhance the benign conditions of the climate and alleviate the less favorable ones, always seeking to achieve unique wines, thanks to the microclimate created in them.

Wine is something alive, and if the conditions of the terroir influence its fruit on the vine, it is normal to think that you will also affect the wine. Wine requires as stable conditions as possible, not exceeding 17° and not falling below 14°C. Humidity should be around 70%. Something, in principle simple given the climate of some areas, but that would not be possible without these cavas, where there is such a special bioclimatic habitat.

One of its successes is to achieve hydrothermal stability, without major deviations between day and night, or between colder and warmer months.

Where the barrels are stowed, for every cubic meter of wine there is about 18 air for the proper development of the yeasts.

Everything in the type of architecture used has a reason and the practical purpose of facilitating the work in the winery.

The casks are stacked on top of each other, usually up to a maximum of five rows. And that's where the andanas appear.

They are the space through which we circulate inside the cava, where the wines evolve within the oak barrels destined for their circumstantial lethargy.

Andana etymologically consists of the neutral intransitive verb “to walk” and the suffix “ana” indicating relative or belonging to.

A Blend of Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon is produced in the winery Casta del Sur, which they call Las Andanas.

It is a blend that mixes the colors and flavors coming from these strains. Backlight cup shows reddish tones and violet reflections; with vibrant colors and high brightness. An inspiration allows us to appreciate complex aromas of peppers and ripe red fruits of excellent intensity, notes of vanilla and tobacco coming from the oak pass. The mouth comes elegant, harmonious and sweet. Finally it is delivered in a kind way.

Although wines seem to be wrapped in a halo of magical mystery, we must remember that there is always a logical explanation behind them, the fruit of knowledge and experience and not of chance.

Publication Date: 08/11/2020

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