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Confirmed! Mate makes us happy

We spend our lives looking for the formula of happiness, not knowing that we have it so close. He's there in the cupboard!


We spend our lives looking for the formula of  happiness , not knowing that we have it so close. It's there  in the   cupboard  , at our fingertips, in the context of that everyday habit that we already suspected was making us happy.  It seems, however, that it was not just a sensation:mate truly makes ushappy , and science comes  oacute; to confirm it.

According to a new  study  published in the specialized journal  Phytotherapy Research ,   yerba mate   is on the list of  “foods of happiness”  by its components and nutrients. These would help prevent the rupture of red blood cells found in the blood, preventing the so-called oxidative stress that is associated with the development of diseases such as diabetes, Alzheimer or Parkinson's.

It is the chemical reactions generated by mate in our body that give us happiness, but it is also the whole environment that surrounds it. It's the  meetings , it's family, it's friends. It's taking it alone and feeling accompanied. A sparkling   matte   really produces a few moments of  happiness  , which can be brief, but are inevitable and wonderful.

 Happiness is in the cupboard , so: let's stop looking for it in complicated places and start to enjoy it.

Publication Date: 27/07/2018

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By: Clau Pas 12 February, 2021

Siempreeeeee!!! NO me faltes nunca Mate xfavor 🙏

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