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I came to Mendoza and make a barreluco

It is another meal that has as a base a chub of meat between breads. It's not a burger or a loin, it's called barroluco.


When you sit in a  restaurant of minutes in Mendoza , those who sell pizzas,  empanadas , fries and loins, others are  surprised by the word “barroluco”.  Then they ask the waiter what it is. Inevitably and irresistibly, they ask. They finish eating and they call the waiter again, “Hey, man. This is the best  sandwich  I've ever tasted,” they conclude, satisfied and put on.

That's a scene repeated by everyone who debuts with barroluco. This is one of the many variables of  meat among breads  that we have in Argentina. In San Juan, for example,  pachata stands out, but here barreluco does it.  The characteristic element that makes barreluco so unique is  crumb bread .  Yeah, like it's a triple ham and cheese, but meat. Or, well, not so, actually.

Never make the mistake of asking for one only for yourself.  The barroluco is prepared and served in mind, minimum, two diners.  Is that any crumb bread is generous in size, then it is the one that marks the size of the final product. Meat is usually the same as any sandwich of its style: veined loin, smooth loin.  Between meat and bread are meddling lettuce, tomato, ham and cheese, fried egg and dressings.  

 History of that weird name 

Its name comes from former Chilean president Ramón Barros Luco , from the beginning of the last century.  He used to order this dish which later became popular in Chile and in the Argentinian eastern.  Over the years, the  mouth of mouth and its arrival on  the other side of the  Cordillera , the name ended up becoming “barroluco”. Even so, many locals still offer it in their menus as “barros luco”.

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Publication Date: 07/07/2020

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