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Coffee consumption increases longevity

This effect occurs both when taking it with caffeine and decaffeinated, either soluble or made in a machine.

Researchers from the CIBER of Obesity and Nutrition, attached to the Preventive Medicine group at the University of Navarra and led by  Estefanía Toledo , have confirmed with a work done in a sample of 20,000 university people from all over Spain what they had already advanced studies such as the one carried out for 16 years throughout Spain. Europe has half a million people.

What they have now observed is  that this effect occurs both when consuming caffeinated coffee and decaffeinated (either soluble or machine-made) .

“We had already found before that there were no such supposed risks of high blood pressure that were being blamed on coffee in the long term; something that was the subject of another previous publication. We now find clear benefits on the risk of mortality from all causes. This supports the benefits of coffee consumption,” said Navarro Health System cardiologist Adela Navarro.

This effect has biological plausibility because, as experts have explained,  coffee is a complex mixture of substances  and, among them, many  have very interesting antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties  . In addition, the study managers point out that the results are solid.

Source: The voice of Galicia

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