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Cheese de chancho

Did you try the chancho cheese or the pork leg cheese? If you didn't know them, here you'll even learn how to do them.

queso de chancho

To complete the   picadas   and  accompaniment  menus, as seen in the recipes of   black pusings   and from  sausages , now we bring how to make a cheese with one's own hands.

 Chancho cheese , like black pudding, has those who enjoy it and others who can't see it.   Being Argentino  does not make distinctions and we will tell step by step, how this type of cheese is made. The necessary ingredients are  pork , whether head, tongues, lean meat, hides, bacon and/or garons. And for a kilo of dough, you will need 3 tablespoons of fine salt, half a teaspoon of cumin, a teaspoon of saltpeter, 2 teaspoons of thyme, two tablespoons of lemon juice and a tablespoon of: ground white pepper, well-chopped garlic and oregano.

Now yes, to prepare it: it cooks very well all parts of the pork. When it is already, let cool to cut everything into thin strips, and bacon into small cubes. Once the meat is ready, it is seasoned and mixed with all the other ingredients, letting rest for a day.

After this step, the dough should be placed in cans and covered well. They are cooked for an hour in a bath marie. After these 60 minutes, it is taken out so that the can cool. And now yes, chancho cheese is ready for consumption. Slices of and to eat. It can be stored for 15 days in a refrigerator or up to 90 days in a freezer.

Another delicious but not much talk about, either out of ignorance or bad publicity, is pork paws cheese. The recipe and ingredients are as follows: in addition to legs and pork leather, for a kilo of dough, two tablespoons of fine salt, a teaspoon of nutmeg, another cumin, two teaspoons of ground rosemary, others of thyme, a tablespoon of ground garlic and half a teaspoon of white pepper will be used.

Paws should be cooked in a saucepan with water until they easily come off from the bones and pork leather to form gelatin. Once this step is done, the meat is passed through the mincer with a very thin disc so that everything is ground. If you do not have a machine, it can be performed -with a long time and patience-, with a well-sharpened knife.

The mixture of pork and seasonings and other ingredients shall be made in such a way that it is allowed to stand for a day. Same dynamics as the other recipes, and just as rich. Within 24 hours, they will be placed in cans (which will cover well) and cooked in maria water for an hour. Water should not cover the entire can.

The can is taken out to cool, it can be brought to the freezer for a few hours, so that the consistency will be even more.Finally, it is taken out of there and is ready for consumption. Whether as a companion of a minced, along with other types of cheese, salames, and other typical meals while still chatting about life and what happened in the last days in the village.

Now yes, there are more types of cheese than normal that one buys already ultra processed and traditional that are obtained in the various supermarkets. And what's more, it is possible to cook them at home and with your own hands. You have to get carried away, not worry and perform new actions: goat cheese and pork foot cheese, are some recipes. Bon appetit and not to fill yourself with the bite!.


Publication Date: 27/03/2021

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