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Carrot cake (carrot pudding, bah)

Today we leave you a different recipe to accompany your mattes: carrot pudding. You never tried it? The time has come!


Yes, yes, it's true:  carrot cake  (or carrot pudding, in creole) is not a particularly Argentine recipe. It's true. But it's rich, simple and everyone likes it, so he deserved his space. If it sounds strange to you that   carrot     be the protagonist of a pudding, because you associate it with salty recipes, you're going to take a surprise. The texture and taste that it brings to the preparation is not compared. Trust me.

In addition, as the idea is that we will see towards an increasingly  healthy diet , with real products and rich in  nutrients , today we send you a healthy version of this  carrot cake . Are you still hesitating? Do it and you're going to give me the reason. Let's go?


  • 100 g of wholemeal flour

  • 50 g oats

  • 200 g carrot (more or less, 1 medium unit)

  • 2 eggs

  • 50 g of sugar  mascabo  (if you do not have andeacute; s, use common, but it's not the same!)

  • ½ cup milk (whole, skim or vegetable, whichever you prefer!)

  • 3 tablespoons of oil (coconut, olive, corn, sunflower)

  • 1 tablespoon baking powder

  • Vanilla essence

  • A handful of nuts (to taste!)

Preparation (it's so easy that you won't be able to believe it)

  1. Shatter the carrot and reserve.

  2. Blend or process all  ingredients except carrots and nuts.

  3. Once smoothed, incorporate the carrot. You can leave it like this or process it a little more so that it gets lost in the preparation (if you leave it grated, it will feel more).

  4. Add the chopped nuts to the mixture (you can cut them with your hand too). You can add a few whole pieces above to decorate.

  5. Place the preparation in a pudding pot with a little oil and cook in the oven over medium-low heat. It takes about 30 or 35 minutes. To find out if it is ready, click it with a knife. It has to come out clean.

Now an important point - let it cool! Then you're going to be able to unmold it easily and enjoy it with  some rich mattes .  Tell us how it came out! 

Publication Date: 12/07/2020

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