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Capon chorizo

We already proposed you fried cake with its fat, empanadas... we continue with recipes with capon.

Chorizo de capón

The   chori   in its different formats has great fans. To order in  restaurants , to eat  al paso or choripan in the    court  or at a   popular party     .   Here, we seek not only to claim the chorizo, but we bring you the tips to know how to do it, step by step and be the great master or master of cooking.

As it is hard work but with big fruits, the amounts may be “exaggerated” for some people, but it is that chorizos are not made every day of our lives.

The following ingredients for red capon or goat chorizos and for 10 kilos of dough: 7 kilos of   capon   meat (if you are of what you tell you  keipon , all more than good) or goat, a kilo of lean pork, 2 kilos of bacon, half a cup of fine salt, two tablespoons of garlic powder, two cups of red wine and the next ingredients will be a tablespoon of each: saltpeter, white pepper, impalpable sugar, dry ground thyme, and ground dry rosemary. Now yes, get to work

Capon or goat meat is ground finely chopped, while coarse minced pork. Bacon has to be cut into small cubes. All meat, bacon and seasonings are mixed by kneading them, so they will be incorporated: however, in order for it to be achieved correctly, a day at rest is left in a cool place.

The next day, the wine will be incorporated and sausage is made in beef casings, making sausages about 25 or 30 centimeters, tying them with cotton choricero thread. Homemade sausages are hung under the roof in a cool place, where air runs, and thus prevent them from drying too quickly. Patience is also an important component, since they will need to be left there for a month, before they are ready for consumption. Now yes: once you start eating, keep in a refrigerator no more than 15 days, if it is enough once you start to taste.

 Something more classic 

However, special pure pork can also be made, with some differences in the process and also ingredients: for 10 kilos of dough you will need 8 kilos of pork, 2 kilos of bacon or good pork fat, half a cup of final salt, a cup of dried oregano, 5 tablespoons of dry rosemary, half a liter of white wine, 2 tablespoons ground chili pepper and a tablespoon of white pepper and another saltpeter. Finally, 50 grams of kimmel.

The meat will be minced medium, while the bacon is chopped a coarse mince. It will join all seasonings and meat mixture. This step is paramount and should be done until the dough easily peel off from our hands. When you have already reached that point, you should store the meat in the refrigerator for a day.

The next day and before mortise, white wine will be added to it, mixing the whole mass again. And now it will be inlaid, tying 25 centimeters with cotton choricero thread, and for another day they will be left hanging under the roof where moderate air runs. Conservation once ready, can not exceed 7 days or, failing that, no more than 90 days if stored in the freezer.

However, this work often makes the chori enjoyed as long as it is ready. One of the most Argentine meals, and now knowing how to make it with your own hands. Next Sunday menu? It may be! Or it is also a good opportunity to perform collectively, with friends, with family and who knows, able to come out so rich that they can be sold later, to cheer up!


Publication Date: 24/03/2021

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