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Can I have a can of wine?

The forms of consumption are adapted to the needs of the people and to the rules of the market. Tin wine and dispensers, novelties.


Wine has long been working on a renovation. To wash your face, to show yourself younger, closer, to recover today distant consumption figures, but, above all, to win the market of the most young, much closer to beeror trendy drinks.

“There are new consumption habits around wine that allow the growth of new formats.Santa Julia decided to launch the canned wine in the country, since we previously did it in the USA where we launched two organic canned wines and Tintillo which is a blend ofMalbec Bonarda made through carbonic maceration. So, we already saw the demand in the United States. With thisknow-howwe decided to launch it in Argentina,” says Soledad Mayorga, Head of Marketing of Santa Julia, Zuccardi's wine that now comes out in 355 ml cans.

“What happened is that, when we broadcast communication in the media, we discovered an imperative need to show wine in a more discontracturous way and the consumer, in turn, asked for more practicality taking into account other consumption habits such as, for example, wine at a picnic, a recital or only individual consumption”, he adds.

Also in dispenser

But the can is not the only format that recently broke into the wine industry, Bodega Argentia, Maipú, incorporated a wine dispenser . A machine that allows you to sell wine by the glass, with software that is operated through a touch screen, and maintaining all the properties of the wine.

In turn, the wine dispenser is used in the Los Aliados bar, which operates in the same cellar: “There are very few of these machines in Mendoza and people do not know it. When they see it they are surprised and want to try it,” says Diego Ahumada, one of the owners of the bar. “It also has many advantages: it allows the customer to taste different wines without tying themselves to a bottle and keeps the properties intact.”

For his part, Zuccardi acknowledges that canned wine is a necessary test that should have been encouraged: “Tin wine in Argentina is a test. We launched this product in mid-December and it is still early to ensure who is the consumer of this format, leaving aside the consumer of Santa Julia Chenin Sweet Natural, which is the wine that is inside the can and of which we do have information. What we do know is that themillennialaudience is the one most looking for this format because of its practicality . It's a kind of audience who wants the easy, without so much turn and that the product is easy to understand.”

New experiences

Thus, wine is transformed into something different, with the same taste as always, but offering new experiences around it. “Whether a wine is good or not is highly subjective and depends on the palate of each person. The advantage of a new format is its practicality to generate new consumer situations,” says Santa Julia's Head of Marketing. And even: “People want to take the wine dispenser machine home,” says the owner of Bar Los Aliados.

New formats and new experiences, to adapt the wine to the current times.

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Publication Date: 30/06/2020

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