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Fritters with apple!

Some fritters like my mom used to make!

Good day!!!! Let's go for attitude!! And saying attitude, a publication comes to mind where there was a picture of a boy wanting to put a huge piece of furniture inside his car (where he clearly wouldn't fit in) and the text on the picture said: I'd like to get up with the attitude of this kid!!!!!! Hahaha. Great!!! Another of the recipes they used to make at home was the buñuelitos, and these were made by mom, but they didn't always work out well. Here's another anecdote that links food and experiences: my parents and uncles were at the beach on vacation; Mom made her doughnuts, but they came out hard, so Dad and my uncle used them to play tennis. Hahahahaha. Poor mom was so offended! This anecdote came up at every family reunion, with the consequent anger of Mom, even though decades had passed. Like many recipes that were made before, Mom made them by eye (without measuring or weighing) so they never came out the same, but I found a fabulous recipe where they were perfect, fluffy and cooked. Don't miss them! Procedure: . Put all the ingredients in a bowl, except the apples, and beat. Reserve. . Peel and cut the apples into four pieces. Weigh 2 of them to know how much it is, as they will be crushed in the dough. Cut cubes. . In a frying pan put some water and sugar and leave until the caramel is formed. When it starts to be blond add the apples and move quickly so that they caramelize all over with the help of a wooden spoon. Add a dash of rum to cut off the cooking and then add the orange juice, lower the heat and let it simmer for 3-4 minutes. Drain. Pass the weight of the 2 apples to the main dough. Beat to shred. Then add the remaining ones and mix carefully. . Fry in hot oil. Once golden brown, remove and pass through sugar. Ingredients: Milk 250g Flour 400/500g ( whatever is allowed) Sugar 100g Oil 50g Eggs 2 Peel of 1 lemon and 1 orange Cinnamon 1 teaspoon Vanilla essence Baking powder 30 g. For cooking apples: Red apples, 5 ( 2 to be crushed with the dough and 3 to be left in pieces) Caramelized sugar Water Juice of 2 oranges Ron, a squirt.

Publication Date: 27/06/2018

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