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Bon Appetit: Cordovan lomito

Between fernet and priteau, the Cordobeses have the palate well accustomed. Today we tell you about our favorite food: the Cordovan lomito.


The Cordovan loin is the delight of the palate of many. In this city, eating a loin is a ritual. The time of the week when we can go out to dinner, or we give ourselves the pleasure of ordering a delivery, is the main feature of this sandwich. And it's much more than a sandwich, it's together with friends, celebrated for achievements and goals, it's celebrating. This meal is made up of the perfect combination of bread (preferably homemade), loin, lettuce, tomato, egg, ham, cheese and mayo. Each restaurant does it to your liking and, of course, gives it its special touch. But there is one condition that yes or yes must be respected: mayonnaise has to be homemade. With its variants: garlic, provencal or without aggregates, mayonnaise is the fundamental constituent of the loin. That's why every rotierhouse has its secrets well kept.

We talked to a specialist and threw us the tips to make a perfect loin:


  • loin Loin
  • Lomo
  • Salad cabbage
  • 1 Egg
  • 1 Tomato
  • 50 g of cooked ham feteado
  • 50 g of
  • home-made Mayo
  • cheeses
  1. To begin with, we cut the loin bread in half and toast it inside on an iron. Just a little while, until golden, and we remove it.
  2. In the same place where we roast the bread, we throw fat or oil to then throw the steak of loin. If possible, previously terned in the press. And salty from both sides.
  3. On the grill next to the steak, make the egg and give it the shape of the bread. It has to be long so that the sandwich is more neat and there is a balance of its ingredients when you taste the first bite... mmm!
  4. When turning the steak, we add two fetas of tybo cheese, one of ham, and the egg already cooked.
  5. We return to the bread, we add homemade mayo to the two tapas. May can be with chimi or without chimi, with provencal, lemon, garlic - whatever you like! After placing the May, choose a lid and add the repollada lechuguita cut with thin slices of tomato.
  6. We grab the spatula, gather the loin with all its ingredients and place it in the freshly prepared bread. We add the other lid of the bread and that's it!

It is always better to accompany it with some good crispyfries on cane. And drink: a fernecito, to enjoy a unique and rich meal.

Publication Date: 07/11/2019

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