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Berg Bräu and the beer alchemist

An alchemist who knows all the secrets of beer and barley hides in La Cumbrecita and produces in Berg Bräu. We tell you his story.


 In La Cumbrecita , posta located in the  Calamuchita Valley   , there is a project that grows and grows. This is the entrepreneurship of the young Nicolás Restelli, a visionary Cordovan. At the age of 20,  among so many Oktoberfest , he knew what he wanted to do for the rest of his life: to produce  beer . However, the dream took time. But they say the  impossible, it only takes a little longer.  Nicolás is  the son of a hotelier  in La Cumbrecita,  studied Tourism  , is a mountain guide and worked in gastronomy. With many family responsibilities, and economic crises going through our country, Nico was  delaying his desire. 

 In 2008  he decided to develop his own brand of beer: and there he went. It was long before  the  entrepreneurial boom happened   in the world of craft beer. Which made it a  guaranteed success . Currently, Nicolas Restelli is 39 years old and  owns Berg Bräu,  which  means   “mountain beer” .  This brand  made in  La Cumbrecita began a decade ago, and became  the first artisanal brewery in the locality.  

 The beginnings 

This entrepreneurial  Cordovan    began with his brewing project while working at  a hotel reception  . He bet with all his savings on fulfilling his dreams. And he bought an  artisanal production team  at a company. The equipment consisted  of three 150-litre stainless steel pots  modified with a bob above a burner. At first, it reached him. But soon he needed more.  He was investing  in new pots,  progressively increasing the amount of production .

So it was that,  one summer  (of those in which thirst hits strong), Nico came to earn more money than in his dependency relationship work. It was that season that gave him the final impulse:  he built a factory in the yard of his house.  He constantly has to do remodeling to enlarge it.

 The  brewing company Berg Bräu   reaches its products and comes to be marketed in many places. Above all , in the bar Prosit,  which opened Nicolas and Santiago Nogueira, their partner. Today, the factory holds up with the work of  five people:  the two partners, a brew master and two employees. Nico is a beer specialist.  This alchemist knows the secrets  to reach a  unique, refreshing and artisanal flavor.  

A chinchín for Berg Bräu!

 We suggest you continue reading the following notes: 

Festival-de-la-Cerveza-Artesanal-JujeñaJujeña craft beer has its festival
Presented the first Argentine beer with desalinated seawater

Publication Date: 23/06/2020

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