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asaito e' leather e 'cow

The asado is the tradition par excellence of every Argentine. It is the food that represents us and we love. In a region of Cordoba, tradition has another version.

Asaito e’ cuero e’ vaca

 Roast of cow, pork or lamb.  With firewood, on the coals, on the grill, on the ground to the stone or in wells. There are thousands of options  to make roasts in each place.  The family tradition  always has its brand, its cut and its ritual around this food that is essential. Because to celebrate there is no other menu than this:  the asadazo .  The group Tales in Boca  tells that, in  the area of San Clemente, Cordoba , the asado is eaten with leather. This is a very particular way to prepare these delicious dishes that  fill our belly and heart. 

While the asado has even its own songs and  fundamentalists for each recipe , in this case the only thing that is needed are  tons of patience.  This procedure for roasting meat takes quite a long time, but believe me  it's worth it .To the whole ritual of the roast, you add the time of organization, the gathering, the talk, the wine in the middle and always the good vibes.In this version there is a  special ingredient - leather. Of all the ways of cooking, this version comes out crispy and has  that one I don't know what makes itspecial. 

To make an  asaito e' leather e 'cow  you can  choose between two methods .  The most traditional is on the grill , but it can also be made in the oven. In this note we tell you the  two versions of the same delicacy. The ingredient (unique and main) is a cow with leather, but we tell you  other secrets.  In this procedure, we return  to the times of meat, field mornings and shared happiness. 


  • Cow with leather

  • Chimi Cordovan

  • thick salt


  • Veneer covering the entire surface of meat

  • Grillita

  • Firewood and/or charcoal

 Procedure for making an asaito e' leather “a la parri” 

  1. On the grill is put the cow with leather,  open to the middle , leaving the side of the leather on the grill.

  2. Of course, like all roasted, it is seasoned with coarse salt. And if you're more daring, you can send him  a Cordovan chimi 

  3. , and
  4. after giving it the touch with the  spices you like, a veneer is placed on top of it. On that surface, we're going to generate a new fire. This part of the process  is called a “counterfire”,  and  it must be kept alive  for as long as cooking takes.

 Procedure for making an asaito e' leather in the “oven e' firewood” 

 Tips to get started: 

  • For this alternative it is  condition sine qua non to  have a wood-burning oven. If you have it,  you're shining!  ( as we say in these payments).
  • In the oven, you need to turn it on  five or six hours before placing the preparation  inside. Especially so that it is warm and cooked even. It is also very important that the oven can be  tightly closed. 
  • In addition, it is recommended that in this case,  the piece of meat is not so large, since if it is very large it can become raw.
  • Good firewood for a roast  is native , well Cordoba:  molle, spinillo or quebracho blanco .

 Now that we know all that, we start: 

  1. To begin with this recipe, it is necessary  to depost the cow.  I mean, take out his bones and bowels.

  2. Season the meat  with    coarse salt, chimi  and spices  that make your roast special.

  3. Meanwhile, the leather is sewn with wire forming a bag where we will then place all the meat inside.

  4. Put the leather bag with the meat inside and leave about five or six hours.

Choose the path you choose (grill or oven), when the recipe is ready is a delight.  They say the good thing is waiting... and this is the test. 

Publication Date: 12/08/2020

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