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Alfredo, the champion of the people

Ser Argentino and an exclusive interview with Alfredo Uboldi, the Santafesino runner-up of the Grand Prix de la Cuisine.

Alfredo Uboldi, el campeón de la gente

Alfredo Uboldi has been, for more than seven years, the maker of the richest burgers in the city of Santa Fe. With so much fashion current hamburger associated with craft beer, your business has a lot of competition. However, the Santafesinos continue to choose theirs as the most outstanding ones. Hishamburger history inSanta Fe would be enough reason for an interview in Gastronomy. However, this 2020, the year COVID-19, Alfredo was a protagonist with international reach.He was runner-up in the Grand Prix de la Cocina, one of the most watched TV shows in the country. They write to her from all over the country, in love with her personality and her culinary skills.

We lied to you at the end. Alfredo, actually, is Entrerriano.But he lives in Santa Fe since 2000, when he came to study Graphic Design. While working in a printing press, he was given to study Gastronomy, which he had always liked. He traveled on Saturdays to Rosario, to train at the Academy of the CatDumas. From there, he never left his true passion.And here in Santa Fe he did his whole life. He formed a couple and a family.

How did you get to put Yucca, the best hamburger restaurant in Santa Fe?

Yucca was born in 2013. The owner of a previous hamburger shop, which was working right there, offered me to buy her the key to the store. But the final impulse was given by a trip to Colombia that we made with my wife in 2012. I was amazed at a hamburger shop there and we set out to do something with a mark that wasn't here.

At first I did everything: I cooked, served, worked with suppliers, did design and social networks.

Among all the fashionable hamburgers, why are yours still the best?

We managed to maintain the level because the premise was always to grow, without reducing costs by lowering the quality or changing the goods. Besides, when you're in this business, you're not only selling food, but a package of things that have to be aligned.

How was the decision to participate in the Grand Prix de la Cuisine?

A friend of mine, Emma Escobar, participated in an earlier edition. And I gotthe itchof not signing up. My wife, who supports me a lot, also influenced a lot. When they called me to go do the castings, I couldn't believe it. Entering the Channel 13 studio and meeting the drivers was a tremendous moment.

Did you always know you had a chance of winning?

I always had faith, but without underestimating anyone. I knew everyone cooked very well, and everyone evolved and cooked better. The craziest thing is that with El Tute (N de la R: Matías López, the winner of the final) we said, from the beginning, that we would like to reach the final together. The fact that it was given was a huge emotion. We celebrate his triumph together.

It's amazing how you made yourself loved by people. For everyone, you were the winner.

The phenomenon of people does not stop surprising me. They write to me from all over the world. I already felt that I had won much earlier, with the jury returns and experience itself. So, having reached the finals and having people adopted me as the winner are absolutely unforgettable things.

Publication Date: 13/07/2020

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