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About oenological poems or simple glossary of wine.

In this note I will try to crumble that web of pompous wine compendiums and therefore not least necessary to chat, enjoy and c


In this note I will try to crumble that spider web of pompous wine compendium and therefore not least necessary to chat, enjoy and share a wine.


This is the variety, type or  grape   strain  (from vitis vinifera, suitable for making wine). Each, depending on where it is grown, has particular characteristics of its botanical composition. There are red varietals ( Cabernet Sauvignon ,  Malbec ,  Syrah ,  Bonarda ,  Tannat ,  Merlot , etc.) and whites ( Chardonnay , Seed ,  Sauvignon Blanc ,  Torrontes , Riesling , Viognier, etc.)

 Blend, Courts, Assamblend: 

  Wine   that has within its same composition two or more varietals, either blends of white, or inks. They can also be mixed white with inks to achieve pink or clarets.


 Wood  that can be added to the wine. The oak container can be of French or American origin (in most cases) and are barrels or barrels that may vary in size. They are roasted inside and transfer to the wine aromas that do not come from the varietal but from the roasting of the wood.

 Tannins :

 Chemical element  that makes the texture, volume and  astringency  of wine. It is assumed that the better worked they are, the better quality the wine will have.

 Aromatic descriptors: 

I wanted to get here... because when we entered the terrain of the “ aromatic descriptors “, we already walked a path loaded with subjectivities, that when it comes to reading them in a critique of wine or a label, begins to sound like “sanata”.

The “aromatic descriptors” are aromas that respond first of all to the varietal that makes the wine, either 100% of one, or the sum of several.

For example:  Cabernet Sauvignon  is characterized by aromas of green peppers, red, or red peppers, depends on how it was made and its origin.

On the other hand, in  Malbec  we will find aromas of red fruits, lavenders, raisins, depending on their origin and age.

Different will be the descriptors of Syrah, Merlot, Chardonnay or Viognier.

The contribution of the barrels also give it “aromatic descriptors” such as coffee, chocolate, tobacco, vanilla, spices, leather, etc.

Abusing the use of descriptors, puts this drink on a pedestal that not everyone can access. It is not technicalities that will make us better understand wine; but by trying and learning to accompany them in the way we like best with meals.

This combination between food and wine is called “Pairing”; but about this, we will go into the next one.

Say hay!

Publication Date: 15/05/2018

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