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A serrano fruit and healer

We tell you the properties and uses of a very special fruit from the mountains of Córdoba. You're going to love it!


The Córdoba mountains are an infinite source of fruits, proteins and natural foods that nourish and surprise us.  In this note we will tell you everything about Tusca, a fruit that is found in abundance especially  in Capilla del Monte . Miguel Altamira, a specialist in fruits and local in the area,  has several properties and uses that this jewellery of nature has  . Tusca is a beautiful tree with a yellow flower,  which looks like a  plumerito  and is very scented. Indeed, its scientific name is  “Acacia Aroma”.  

 Medicinal uses 

This plant  was widely used  by the ancients to  cure digestive conditions such as empacho, indigestion and belly pains.   It was also used  to lower uric acid and obviously for joint pain  . In the studies conducted on this plant, its  anti-inflammatory ability is highlighted,  but without the side effects that chemical drugs have.

 This serrano food  is ideal to accompany  detoxifying diets or short fasting.  Since it allows to lose weight at the same time it cleans of impurities of the whole organism. It is a great  depurative and detoxifying blood.   Removes uric acid and lightens cloudy urines. It has diuretic activity (increases the flow of urine).

In addition,  it is febrifuge, causes lowering blood pressure, is antidiarrheal and intestinal antiseptic.    For external use , it works as a deflammant, astringent, healing. It is even recommended to use it for cases of scabies and ulcers in animals.

tusca 2

 What part do I eat?  

 The parts that are used are leaves, roots, flowers, bark and seeds: Tusca is used all!.  Depending on the mode and the part you use,  its properties are more exploited. For example, if you want to take advantage of its healing function, it is better to prepare an  infusion of Tusca leaves.  Also leaves infused or direct consumption can be used for digestive problems, rheumatism, gout or febrile pictures. To decongest and generate sneezing, it is better  to consume seeds.  Infusion bark works as blood depurative and expectorant. Its infusion flowers are used to obtain digestive action, when there are gases in the stomach and intestine, and also as an expectorant.  Its root is used as purgant, emetic and digestive.  

 Tusca Water 

 According to the yerbateros in the area  to make an infusion we grab a handful of the part of the tusca  we want to use and place it in a container with about a liter of water.  We heat the water and let it boil for  5 to 10 minutes.  Strain and let it cool. At least three cups per day of the infusion, although the ideal is to put it in the refrigerator and use it as a fresh drink every time you feel thirsty the ideal is  one liter a day.  It should be added that it  does not possess unpleasant taste and smell , but quite the opposite.

  • For mild cases of gastritis, gastric ulcers, urinary tract conditions,  an infusion is prepared with two large handfuls of dried leaves  for each cup of boiling water. It is recommended to drink two to three cups a day, warm, before meals.
  • Against gastric ulcers and gastritis, or bladder problems, it is recommended to brew a liter of “Tusca water”, infused. Take  one or two liters of that drink a day,  as water, as long as symptoms endure.   It is best to store it  in a cool place and brew a liter per day.

 This tree, besides being picturesque and rich, is super healer.   That is why the Cordobese search on the mountain everything we need: because we find it. And you...  would you encourage yourself  to consume tusca for your ills?

Publication Date: 02/02/2021

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