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I invite you to share this space, where I will publish recipes that are not my own.

cocina, ingredientes y utensillos

By Sandra Casas Cano 

Helloaaaaaa! I'm so excited to write my first lines having so many things to say, I don't know where to start!

I'd like to meet you.

I'm  Sandra Casas Cano , a kitchen lover. To try things I never did. That's why I invite you to share this space, where I'm going to publish recipes that are not my own, but that came through my eyes and wanted to make them. I'm not  Cheff or cook; I did some course because I like  gastronomy . Here I will tell you why the choice of recipe, where it comes from, whether it has any history, whether the original has any product that we do not have in our country and adapted it, what conflicts arose to me and whether it is worth printing or taking note, step by step. Everything!!!

I will try any  recipe  that seems attractive to me, because even the recipes of recognized chefs can fail us because of the ignorance we have of their secrets.

I would like the one who does not know how to cook, try, and not be discouraged if something did not work out quite right. Who you cooked, will appreciate it and if they don't value it...  Do it for you ! We are in this life to  be happy  and it is nicer shared.

Cooking as a game

Since the idea is to propose to delve into the culinary world for the mere pleasure that this can mean, we could take the opportunity to transform it into a game. And in that space, so important in every house, include children. Undoubtedly, at least that is what experts say, everything that is learned in childhood comes out more naturally and spontaneously with the passage of time. Kids don't need to do unsuitable tasks, such as handling fires, cutting with blades, or handling anything dangerous. However there are multiple activities that they can do and they will love, they will even be fun. Beating preparations, measuring and adding ingredients, filling and decorating cakes, reaching utensils, etc. are some of the many activities you can participate in. And if we add up the idea of sharing, we could find in the kitchen the ideal time for family meetings, which are valued so much over time. And so, a little playing, a little seriously, we can also teach the importance of food with the plus of home cooking.

My grandmother, a great ally. Memories in your kitchen.

I remember when my  grandparents  lived, I went to visit them every weekend and did something rich to drink with mate. My grandmother wondered what things I had to buy and had them ready for me when I was going to spend evenings at her house. Of course they weren't always going well, but we shared. She helped me do something — she used to me Juanita (Doña Petrona's assistant, for those who don't understand it). They're beautiful memories.

Many memories revolve around the kitchen. There is one that makes me laugh a lot: when I was little, my grandmother Wilda used to make me liver with  onions  and potatoes, which I DON'T LIKE AAAAA. And she'd let me sit until I ate everything. When he was distracted, I threw little bits at my dog VAQUITO (I wanted a cow, and I said Vaquita; and mom said, “No, it's baby! is called VAQUITO”), through the window. Till my grandmother put mosquito nets... and as the liver blew, she bounced, fell to the floor, and I had to eat all the food. Unforgettable!!!

I'd like to hear from yours too, until the first recipe.

Publication Date: 10/05/2018

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