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A revolution in your breakfasts

Learn how to make pancakes and completely change the way you start the day.


Now more than ever we learned that  happiness is in the little things . In everyday acts that fill us with love, whether they come from someone else or from ourselves. One of the great sources of happiness is, without a doubt,  food . I speak in this case about real food, which  nourishes our body and soul , and comforts us. A little ritual in the kitchen can change our day. That's real. An example of this is  pancakes , a dish that we usually leave for special situations, but that may well become our  breakfast or  snack     of every day.

Well,  pancake  is nothing but the translation of “pancake” into English. But it is a good way to differentiate them from traditional pancakes, which are larger and finite. And just as amazing. Unlike these,  pancakes are smaller and fluffy.  Both its ingredients and toppings can vary (that is, what we put above), allowing us to incorporate different nutrients and different flavors. Do you want some ideas? Let's go!

 Ingredients (for one serving) 

  • 1  egg  or 1 egg + 1

  • white
  •  2 generous tablespoons of flour  . Here you can explore different options: chickpea flour, wholemeal flour, oatmeal, oat bran, carob flour, or the combination of several!

  •  To sweeten : a bit of ripe banana, a teaspoon of grated coconut, pumpkin, pear... Cheer up to innovate!

  •  Other : bitter cocoa, chia seeds, vanilla essence

  •  Magic touch : a pinch of baking powder or baking soda (they are superfongy)

  •  Toppings : peanut cream, honey, natural yogurt, pear,  banana , orange, kiwi, red fruits, nuts, grated coconut, obvious  dulce de leche or whatever you want!


  1. Blend or process toooooall ingredients you have chosen, minus toppings. There has to be a fairly liquid dough left.

  2. Heat a small frying pan painted with oil.

  3. When it is hot, pour a little of the mixture (about three small pancakes come out).

  4. When you make bubbles, turn it over and let it brown on the other side.

  5. I repeated the procedure until I was out of dough.

 Now comes the best : the plating. Even if it's any day, whether you're alone or alone, even if nothing special has happened, take a few minutes to put together a dish worthy of an Instagram photo.  Build a tower with pancakes . In each layer, put fruit, peanut cream, or whatever you prefer, and leave the rest of the toppings for the last layer. Give it love, dedication and lots of flavor. You deserve it!

Make yourself a coffee, a mate, a tea, and sit down and enjoy your pancakes with a nice little music in the background.

If that's not happiness, I don't know anymore.

Publication Date: 26/08/2020

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