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A mendocino in a Michelin star

The Mendoza sommelier who works in a restaurant in Galicia with a Michelin star tells us about the need to work at the highest level.

Daniel Marín

Daniel Marín is a Mendoza  sommelier  from San Rafael, who left for Galicia to develop his career. Today, based in Ourense, he is the sommelier of a Michelin-starred restaurant.

This is the summary of his talk with  El  Malbec . 

 Where are you developing your profession as head of room and sommelier? 
The restaurant is called   Nova  is located in the center of Ourense. It is a life project
of two cousins  Daniel Guzmán and Julio Sotomayor.  Young chefs with a lot of experience and talent, awarded with a  Michelin star . The only restaurant in the city with this distinction.

 What does work consist of? 
I'm a  waiter . Profession that I am very proud to play. And privileged to do the job I like the most. That is to take care of every detail to make our diners happy.

I organize the room so that everything is impeccable when our customers arrive. Winery, wine list,  pairings  and team organization.
I receive every one of our customers at the door. I'll walk you to your table. I give you the menu with our tastings. Explaining the elaborations of our chefs in addition to the advice of wines and pairings.

A great demand

 How is a Michelin star restaurant and what is its requirement? 

It is to be every day in continuous learning. Always in the pursuit of quality. The
demand is high, we have to give our customers a unique experience. To do this we work in detail so that there is no fault.

 What does the market ask you according to the requirement? 
To make our wine list we do not look at the market. Our proposal is based only on local wines. Since in Ourense there is a great diversity of native varieties, climates. For this we travel every corner of  Galicia  looking for wines from small producers some with elaborations of 500 bottles per harvest.

We are convinced that in Galicia we have a lot to tell. Every wine is an illusion, a look at the landscape. A message that transforms and magnifies our territory. With stories of small winemakers who deserve to be told to our customers.

 What was your training to have the position of a Michelin-starred restaurant? 
I was fortunate to work in restaurants where the demand was very high. Like the great hotel  Costa Meloneras , in the Canary Islands. Also in the  restaurant  El Portalón de Marbella, considered one of the best restaurants on the Costa del Sol. Your director Jesús Mancho has been a teacher for me. He taught me to love this profession. And in Ourense, in the mythical Galileo restaurant by chef Flavio Morganti. In my day to day I am a part of all these great houses that gave me everything.

 Do you print aspects of your Mendoza origin to work? 
Customers often ask me where my accent comes from, where I am from... And I tell them I'm Mendoza and they answer me saying that there is good wine there.
From  Mendoza  , I have everything. The cordiality that characterizes us, education, respect and my best smile.

Publication Date: 06/07/2019

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By: Juan Ángel Campos 06 July, 2019

Para quién no conoce a Daniel Marín, es de destacar amén de su gran profesionalidad, su don de gente, su cultura y educación. Un digno embajador de Argentina, de esa gran tierra que es la Provincia de Mendoza.

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