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A bit of self-criticism

Wine is not for a chosen few, it's for everyone. There are different colors, aromas and textures.

Argentines love to boast about our  idols . And it's not for less: no matter the area or area, when we achieve it, we exceed expectations and sometimes that makes us superb or arrogant.

In the world of wine we are no exception and, although we lack years of experience and paths to walk, we do not stop lighting the “coinor” (when we have a glass of wine in our hand and we spin it in a circle, so that the wine releases its perfume more than a thousand aromatic molecules that is possible find) and then we deploy an impressive  dictionary  of technical and glamorous words to show that we know about wines. All that ceremony or paraphernalia could come to draw a line that will leave us out of the vast majority. And in the worst case scenario, let's end up believing that the wine really remains in the gondola of exclusive objects for a small group. Well, dear readers, I'm warning you not.

 Wine  is not for a chosen few, it's for everyone. When I affirm this, I do not deny the complex study that involves the elaboration, tasting and everything necessary for a good wine to be served on the table. Quite the opposite, but I would like to point out that it is one thing to devote yourself professionally to these issues, and another far away is to be an ordinary consumer. Moreover, I venture to ensure that both are needed, as a sommelier, for example, provides service to the public who does not know the details of the wine, and the latter benefits from the scholar's suggestions and explanations. The problem, or rather, criticism, comes from the bad habit of chamuyar that Argentines have in many situations. And above all, when this ends up excluding, in this case, the pleasure of enjoying a good wine which does not have “guitarero's nail” and does not know technicalities or all the poetics that accompanies the description of a wine.

Wines for all tastes

There are different colors, aromas and textures, depending on how it was made in its content and the inputs they make to the visual. This is: dry supplies such as bottle, cork or screw cap, capsule or cap, and above all... labels!

There are more and more labels on the gondolas, with names of ancient  wineries  evoking families of great alcurnia of generations and generations of weddowegueros, as well as the so-called signature wines, those of limited editions, those of public figures, etc.

On the label there is more than design

According to studies by wine-growing consultants, a new label is released every day.

Increasingly bold designs, in the concepts addressed to reach consumers, can make us a little dizzy. And that's when we looked around and turned the front of the  bottle  to read the counter label.

Yes!!! There will be the key... not only to our choice of purchase, but also of what we must memorize to describe the wine, in front of our eager and eager diners for our comments.

“Mmm!!! What a body... what delicious aromas of currants, cassis, with dejos of lavenders and a barely noticeable finish of coffee and vanilla...”

Ready, all the elements presented to boast of a knowledge, that far from enjoyment, framed us in such a resought lexicon, which only serves to choke on the classic, risky and typical “chamuyo” in which we often fall Argentines.

For the next: a rule that never fails: just, with soda or ice, whatever, raise the cup, collide with that of the partner, predict a good wish and join us all to the cry of salúuuu!!!

Rating: 3.50/5.