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A Japanese recipe that you would never have imagined was Asian

I learned how to prepare fluffy Japanese milk bread with roux.


Do you like pebete? But I mean a good pebet. If you answered yes, this bread outperforms any pebeet you've eaten. It has a spectacular and wet crumb, it reaches about 10 cm high and, if you squeeze it, the crumb is not crushed but returns to its place.They have two methods, one with the addition of tangzhong (it is a roux) and the other without it. Of course, I used the one who has tangzhong since I had never heard this method and wanted to try it. They say it helps to develop the gluten frame and trap extra moisture, which generates a light and extremely fluffy crumb. It requires a few hours of waiting, not so much for the elaboration and assembly but for the leaven between each step. I've never eaten a bread like that. I just changed the yeast, they use dry yeast (5g) and as I prefer the fresh one, it was the one I used (I used 25g) .Of course the recipe is to make them tall, but they could well use the same recipe to make more panchos (pebet size or chips or panchos bread, for example) .I hope you like it. as much as me.   Ingredients of the dough  Flour 000, 330g - 110g of RouxMilk 80cc (plus 2 tbsp if necessary) Butter Ointment 55gSugar 50gEgg 1Salt 4gFresh yeast 25g  Roux  (Tangzhong)  Milk 100cCharina 20g  Procedure  -First we will do the roux. Put the milk in a pot, add flour and stir until dissolved. Heat the preparation on low heat and stir continuously until the preparation thickens. Turn off, remove and let cool. -Make a sponge to check if the yeast is well by mixing it with a little flour, 1 teaspoon of sugar and a little warm milk of the recipe (they are not extra ingredients). Stand 15 minutes until bubbles. -The dough can be made by hand or on the kneader with the hook. Place the rest of the flour, sugar and salt. Mix. Add the roux, the egg and, gradually, the milk. Mix until almost completely unite and add the butter ointment until it is a tender dough (it can take about 10-15 minutes of kneading) .-To find out if the dough is ready, take a piece and stretch it away from your hands (you have to stretch without breaking) .-Bollar. Oil a bowl and place the dough covered with film until it leaves to double its volume. -Lower the dough to a floured countertop, divide it into 3 equal portions, degassing each and bollar. Let stand 15 minutes for the dough to relax. Take a bun and stretch it into a rectangular shape with a dove. Bend by taking one of the longest ends and bringing it to the center and then the other end (the tips have to be put together). Roll up leaving the fastener down. Repeat with the other two remaining buns. Let rest about 15 minutes. -Repeat the process with each of the rolls (stretch rectangular, fold and roll) .-Prepare a mold 24 cm long x 14 wide x 10 high with butter paper. Place the rolls apart from each other because they will grow and they will come together. -Paint with egg and bake at 180ºC for about 20 minutes and another 15 minutes covered with aluminum so that they do not brown too much. Turn off the oven and leave it for 5 more minutes before taking it out. -Allow to cool on a rack and remove the paper.

Publication Date: 05/12/2018

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