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A jacket of labels

To this end, a Danish woman paid tribute to a Mendoza winemaker. The European woman was in love with privado wines and labels.

Vinos mendocinos

 Wine arouses tastes and passions that many did not know.  A fan of a certain winery or varietal can, on occasion, get to do the most unusual things. This is the case of a young Danish woman, who made a jacket (or jacket) by joining the labels of the Privado line, from the winery of Jorge Rubio. The  Mendoza winemaker  had the innovative idea of designing his leather labels. This was coupled with the fanaticism and the occurrence of the European one, who did not hesitate to make a garment that breaks patterns.

 A family project 

In the early 2000s,  Jorge became one of the first winemakers to make his own wines. It is that, until now, winemakers used to work for wineries that operated as companies,  being mere employees of another's project. However, Rubio started with the first of its brands:  Finca Gabriel . The name has to do with his father-in-law winemaker, who gave him the vineyards where they grow their own grapes. From that moment on you could see the work dedicated to labels.  This line of wines has a cardboard label with a tie. Together with his wife, Piky, they started cutting the cartons and knotting them one by one. 

The beginnings for Jorge Rubio and his family were very complicated. However, they remained on their feet driven by the enormous satisfaction of doing what they liked. They had help:  they rented a small winery for their first production; their fellow winemakers and acquaintances lent them the bombs, pipes and   hoses  they needed, and so they got their first 20 boxes on sale. 

In 2006 they bought 7 hectares located in Ruta 143 N and Calle F, in 2009 they made the first elaboration already in their own winery. It was the first great achievement, which gave them the pattern that they had begun growth that could be sustained over time. They had a ship of 30 vessels and two small offices.  Today they already have five ships, 90 vessels of different capacity, a reception room, offices, meeting room, tasting room, a cellar to store 1,500 barrels, a sparkling wine factory, an event room and a cognac factory. 

 Labels as a coat 

Jorge Rubio and his family live in their home, next to the family winery, in  General Alvear , 280 kilometers east of Mendoza City. From there, the Mendoza winemaker recalled that, in 2007, his first export of wines took place, after having started with the sale of a few bottles.  The time had come to cross the puddle and the destination was Denmark . Clearly, the wines of the Rubio family enjoyed, and a lot, in that country, as early as 2017, a Copenhagen wine shop was made. Jorge's wines had been installed in that market for 10 years. As part of the event,  a tasting was held and there a young woman presented herself, wearing a bag made with the leather labels of the private wine. The woman had selected more than 400 labels, which are made  of  leather , and with the patchwork method she had assembled a coat.

Definitely, wine awakens the most amazing occurrences. The passion for its taste and the sensations that arouse certain characteristics of a bottle are in sight.

Publication Date: 15/11/2020

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