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A flower of great bouquet

The projects of musicians seduced by the world of wine grow who choose to combine their art with their own high-end label with active participation in their elaboration.


The folk artist Jaime Torres has presented Sumaj Tika, a high-end Malbec with the winemaker Marcelo Pelleriti of Bodega Monteviejo.

For Torres, wine and music are linked. “I am undoubtedly a wine drinker, although I discovered it late. Wine accompanies the human being at different moments of life; when it comes to my music I add the social; there is an effort and a culture of doing behind it, it is one more creature that one has given birth and as such one comes from this land”, says Torres, about its launch.

It is a pairing of music and wine by this winemaker. He leads high-end projects with musicians who started almost casually in 2011 with the event he organized at the Monteviejo winery, the Wine Rock Tour. “When the artists come, I show them the wines and they make their own cut, which is left in a barrel. Then I give them their bottles as a gift, for personal consumption,” says Pelleriti.

The charanguista Torres, “composed” his wine choosing the cut, with his advice, and devised the brand to then be sold on the market.

Sumaj Tika (“Linda Flor” in Quechua) is the result of this work. It came to the market with 10,000 bottles, eight months in oak barrels and six months in bottle, and sold in wine bars. It is the first wine of the brand and the idea is to launch later another of greater range.


It is a malbec 100% made with grapes from La Consulta, San Carlos, in the Uco Valley 120 km from the city of Mendoza.

Wine with unctuous and slightly sweet entry but in its path it drags acidity and tannins giving presence with great impetus. Primaryaromas of jams, violets and light wood follow each other and cross the path where wine opens and ash predominates.


addition to strong violet colors, rubies with delicate, well-marked legs are added. Powerful malbec owner of itching and slight needles. It evolves pleasantly in the glass denoting the little time it still has in the bottle.

Served at its suggested temperature of 14° C. it shows jovial in aromas, fleshy in sensations and long fight at the end.

“ I used to call one of my girls' sumajtiquita ', for one who speaks the tongue is tender,” he says, about the mark. Jaime comments that his greatest expectation is that wine does not disappoint, that it is not a song that is out of tune. “I tried two bottles with friends, for me it is a wine that sounds”, he highlights, and highlights that “it is a wine with an Argentinean flavor, which aims at friendship, to share and enjoy it”.

“ Wine is a feast with a great

Publication Date: 01/01/2020

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