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A beer in the yard

In Mendoza, for some years, a new concept has been installed for the consumption of beer and fast food. It's the breweries.

Patio cervecero

The concept of the  waiter with shirt and bow , pointed shoes, elegant, has become obsolete. So have the square tables with double tablecloth and two or three cups per plate. Stainless steel cutlery and large white plates have followed the same path. Trends mark new fashions. And in that sense, there is a new fashion that seems to have arrived to stay.  Beer, accompanied by burgers, potatoes or panchos, is consumed in a totally informal and friendly way. 

 Brewery Courtyards 

They are large open spaces, outdoors.  Some have plenty of lawn and vegetation in abundance. Furniture is usually economical, but design. Many times, cargo pallets are recycled to improvise some armchairs  that, in view, look great, but from their comfort there is not much to say.

The spaces are covered by large inns, long and with benches to sit. The concept is to share. So, one can go alone, as a couple or with friends, and sit at a table to share and meet new people.

There are no waivers here or service to the table.  One has to get there and head to the box. There they show you the menu, choose what you want to eat and pay. Then we are given a number and asked to wait at the table, displaying the number, so that the dealer knows where to leave the order . Obviously, everything is accompanied by good  music , albeit a little loud of more.

 The most outstanding 

A few minutes from the urban  trajín, we find Barijho  , the brewery yard that opened fashion in Mendoza and which, according to its letter, “is cheaper than paying for therapy”.  It is in Viamonte Street at 4961,  Chacras de Coria  and serves from Tuesday to Sunday, from 18.

With its self-service and sharing options, the site offers,  until 20.30, a happy hour of selected drinks.  Beers, litres and runs, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks complete the options to be ordered at the bar.

At lunchtime, burgers are the protagonists. But the panchos, salads and many options for chopping are not left behind. Also must-see are desserts, such as  chocotorta and lemon twist. 

 The Beer Club is the option that breaks the nightlife with eight taps to throw out the best craft beers.  On Calle Loria de Chacras, at 5735, almost on the corner with the ditch, the afternoon starts at 18 with beers, drinks and accompanying dishes ready to serve. 

Handmade bears are the specialty of the house and among the runs are Holmes, Blur, Gualta (chocolate porter), Warksteiner, Frangus (raspberry), Schaferhund (weizen and blonde) and the Demon Stout. As for imported ones, the Club has an underground cava, to enjoy almost privately Spanish, German, Belgian, Peruvian, Russian, Dutch or North American brands. If the joint comes for long, it can be alternated with a drink and paired with ready-made dishes with creativity. From French fries,    German or Polish sausage panchos , casseroles, meat with vegetable sautées, burgers and to gourmet options and desserts, they are ideal for keeping up. 

Publication Date: 27/12/2020

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