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878: pioneers of speakeasy

This famous bar is hidden in the neighborhood of Villa Crespo, where wonders happen behind an anonymous door. Welcome to 878.

878 Bar

When someone is good at what they do, they don't need to announce it to the screams: it shows. The same thing happens with places. Any unsuspecting who walks down the street   Thames   to 800, in the neighborhood of Buenos Aires   Villa Crespo   You'll probably walk through your door without noticing it. But there it is, no signs or signs, hidden in a dark street. Your name is indelibly linked to your address:   878   .

  878 is a bar   . A   speakeasy   , we could say: those bars that, simulating those that worked in the years of US dry law, are there only for those who know them. But 878 comes from a time when these types of bars did not proliferate in the City of Buenos Aires,   more than 15 years ago   .

Word of mouth

In 2004, post-crisis (when not), a   young couple   decided that he wanted to open a different proposal.   Julian Diaz and Florence Capella   they were just over 20 years old, little budget, but a very clear vision. The place chosen was a typical porteña house, whose structure they respected. With more claw than capital, they focused on what is important:   the bar and the quality of drinks   . And they didn't need much more than that for the voice to start running.

At a time when there was no momentum from social networks,   direct contact and mouth     in mouth   they were the ones who took to this bar,   anonymous door   , to the resounding success. Everybody knows him today. In 2011, he won the 25th position among the   best 50 bars in the world   , according to the magazine   Drink International   .

878 has a   classic and innovative cocktails   at the same time, an extensive   wine list   and a   kitchen   hundred percent argentina. However, the best way to experience the place is to sit at the bar, choose a base drink and ask the bartender to do its magic. The result is an unexpected journey every time.

    878-bar878 bar


878 Bar

Thames 878, Buenos Aires City, Argentina.

Publication Date: 07/05/2020

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