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8 gastronomic postas in Córdoba

We tell you all about the 8 gastronomic postas that invite us to travel to the interior of the Cordovan being through unique and unparalleled dishes.


 The province of Córdoba has several gastronomic options of all kinds.   Therefore, in this note we make you a selection of the best, places that  invite you to visit    the province  of fernet and la birra  from another place and with other flavors. Although the proposals are heterogeneous and very different styles, each one has  a peculiarity that makes them unique.  These postas are located both in the mountains of Cordoba and in the city, becoming the  meeting point par excellence.  

1. Museum Bistro

It is the restaurant of the Caraffa Museum and from there offers different dishes. To his two proposals from the traditional executive menu,  he added other options  such as pizzas, burgers, empanadas and promos. This post combines  art, tourism and gourmet proposals,  in a pleasant atmosphere.

2. The Butcher Shop of Rincón Nuestro

Located on Avenida República de China 1450, Complejo Acaece,  Valle Escondido,  arrived to stay. Esteban Savio, Tomás Bas and the brothers Mariano Y Javier Marieschi are carried out to the gastronomic venue.  “ We try to create a  family and decontractured environment  where everyone can feel comfortable; the warmth of the service is a priority for us,”  says Mariano Marieschi. Not only do they propose their cuts in meat, but  you can also go to eat   delicious pasta, fish, salads, among other things.  

3. Casa Creolla

This is a regional food chain that  maintains and spreads traditional flavours . Casa Criolla arises from the heritage of typical recipes, with a combination of important  traditional dishes originating from different colonizing kitchens and migratory currents,  each with different climate, culture and gastronomic style. Its strong are empanadas, although they offer delicious portions of locro, humita, cakes and casseroles.

4. Gran Vadori

Gran Vadori is  a mountain pole that specializes in the Creole ritual of roasted meats,  but  with the elegance that deserves  the 21st century for such issues. It is located in  Falda del Carmen,  minutes before Alta Gracia and 30 minutes from the northern part of the city of Córdoba, going along the Córdoba-Carlos Paz motorway. As soon as the Camino to the Observatory started,  a first-class, well-lit room stands out from  the route, where gastronomic action takes place.  Here the plan is to roast everything, grilled, baked or grilled, from Camemberts cheeses to fish, veal, kid or pork. It accompanies a very good selection of Argentine wines,   perfect complement  to a place that seeks distinction and satisfy good taste.  

5. Nawan Resort

Nawan Resort serrano offers  a varied gastronomic proposal  so that visitors can delight  the best regional flavors with their own style,  wines from the careful selection of the directory of the lodging together a menu from cafeteria and snacks.

6. Villalpando

It's a trip to the province of Salta, but from Cordoba. This gastronomic post preserves the  northern regional flavours with a careful style  and events that invite visitors to stay. On the homeland dates they are responsible for cooking the best locro, humita and empanadas with a unique flavor and with ancestral recipes.   Villalpando's “a little corner for the soul.”  

7. Santa Calma

 “ The most beautiful garden in Córdoba”,  in Sarmiento Park, in front of the Greek Theatre. A gastronomic posta that invites all the youth with varied, delicious and inexpensive menus. In addition,  it always complements the food options  with shows that keep us up to date on  the local Cordovan scene.  

8. Lomitos del Bosque

It is one of the traditional restaurants of Parque Sarmiento, which offers not only  a varied menu  but also the widest menu of varieties of loin. Yeah, they even cook gizzard loin! The history of  this restaurant is the Cordovan identity.  

And you... Which one do you choose to eat?


Publication Date: 21/03/2021

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