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8 gastronomic poles Cordobeses

We tell you all about 8 gastronomic poles found in the city: a way to tour all of Cordoba through flavors.

gastronomía de Córdoba

 Cordoba is a city of sensations, flavors, traditions and avant-garde.  Its culture, hospitality and idiosyncrasy distinguish it as one of the main cities of Argentina.  Not only for its particular idiosyncrasy , but also for its antiquity.   The city offers a wide range of gastronomy  ranging  from regional argentine cuisine to international gourmet cuisine.  

It also stands out for the creativity of its chefs, who make inspired signature cuisine  with flavors and condiments from other latitudes or regional products.    Since colonial times  , sweetness, jams and  traditional alfajores Cordobeses  delight visitors. Today, spaces characterized by good taste and harmony invite all travelers to relax and enjoy varied and exquisite proposals.

An intense nightlife that takes place in bars, pubs and  multiple alternatives for all tastes  with live shows.  The city's gastronomic and recreational offer is wide and diverse.  From naturist restaurants that promote healthy eating, to traditional grills with cuts of meat never seen before.  From postas offering  delicious seafood, to traditional dining rooms offering characteristic regional dishes. In this note we tell you  everything about the 8 gastronomic poles of La Docta.  

 1. Historic Center:  Urban legacies

Ancient colonial streets, historic buildings and thriving modernity combine to offer a recipe of  Mediterranean flavors  with herbs and spices to the order of the day, which make  contemporary and signature cuisine  that take you to the modern, with bars and pubs stand out restaurants that  reflect in their charts the idiosyncrasy  of a city in full growth. As in almost every city center, the proposal is completely varied. Not only  executive menus are found,  but  also disruptive options.  

 2. La Cañada:  Flavors of Calicanto

Myths, legends and people are mixed with the freshness of the stream  and the shade of the tipes  that rise in a natural gallery, framed by the bridges of calicanto.   On its margins numerous restaurants  invite you to discover their roasted meats and homemade pastas kneaded with noble hands, or take a break in their rewarding bars. In addition,  when night falls,  music invades the course of the Suquia River.

 3. Güemes:  Art, bohemia and shows

 The warm hands of artisans, artists'  passion, avant-garde designs and the grace of music combine in an area of marginal origins. Güemes emerged from the presence of conventillos,  and the kitchen came to establish  a bond of union that today translates into the creativity and inventiveness of  the most varied chefs who offer a gastronomy  that takes you to savor the  most daring and delicious dishes  to share and enjoy with friends.

 4. General Paz:  Aristocratic and stately palate

 Its history, tradition and select neighborhood lends varied trends  that make the delight of diners ranging from traditional Argentine cuisine to novel fusion cuisine. Thus, this neighborhood takes us to find new and delicious flavors that make  international cuisine,  in a peaceful, varied and distinguished atmosphere that develops in  old recycled mansions that mark the identity of the place.  

 5. New Cordoba:  Cosmopolitan Menu

 Between the hassles of an aristocratic walk of stately mansions and present student, young and cheerful c on modern buildings. Nueva Córdoba stands in its streets gastronomic options,  which bring to the palate of diners   the exquisite flavors of the world.   The Sarmiento Park, a natural and peaceful environment par excellence, is a meeting place to enjoy with family  many popular options,  especially meats, choripans, loin and pizzas with a great view of the city.

 6. Alta Córdoba:  Spice up Life

 Alta Córdoba is one of the poles of cultural, gastronomic and nightlife of the city.   The right seasoning of a neighborhood that combines  family life with the fun of youth  in bars and bowling. Also with the  charm of restaurants  where you can enjoy your afternoon tea and taste delicacies in pastry, to which events and fast meals are added to enjoy in the company of loved ones and friends.

 7. North Market:  Identity a la Carte

 With the cordovan tone,  vendors pregones, local humor, brings us to a  cheerful and colorful atmosphere.   There you can enjoy the  aromas of fresh fruits, the temptation of seafood, the quesillos and salames of the colony.  The Market is built with a   marked variety of flavors that can be found in each stall.

 8. Northwest Cordovan:  Style and Gastronomy

 Elegance, style and intense nightlife harmonize in modern and traditional recreation spaces, shows and shopping centers . In the northwest of the city, regional, international and gourmet gastronomy is manifested with infrastructure and services of high standard and quality.  

Publication Date: 28/03/2021

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