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7 things you never have to put in the freezer

Some foods are not suitable for freezing.


1. Dairy. If frozen, some dairy products become watery or lose texture . But there are tricks: the cream can be frozen only if it is high-fat, to point Chantilly and with a pinch of sugar. Milk can also be stored, but only in its original packaging. As for cheeses, only those with at least 40% fat are well preserved. A resounding no to freeze spreadable cheeses and yogurts.

2. Raw potatoes. If you're thinking of saving yourself a few minutes, peel a kilo of potatoes at once and freeze them, it's not a good idea: they usually take a little tempting black color . You can store them fried, mashed or omelette for 4 to 6 months.

3. Eggs. If you freeze a raw egg, the shell will easily break and the yolk will expand . If you were lucky that it remains intact, when you break it you will see that it lost consistency and became rubbery. Better leave them in the fridge.

4. Cans. To preserve food properly, the cans contain liquids inside them which, when solidified, expand and acquire a larger volume than the container capacity . Result: an explosion of film that you will end up cleaning the next two hours.

5. Lettuce and other vegetables. Vegetables with a high water content (such as lettuce, cucumber, radishes or any other leafy vegetables) do not belong to the freezer . By thawing them, they will surely lose consistency. If you are stubborn in storing them, we suggest that you do it once cooked, in soups or other preparations.

6. Loose food. Didyou ever thaw a piece of meat and notice some brown or grayish spots on its surface? They are freezing burns that occur when the food is not in a tightly sealed or properly wrapped container. They alter the color, smell, taste and texture of your food.

7. Hot food. Before storing any leftovers (sauces, meats, whatever), let them cool . If you try to freeze hot foods you will cause a rise in temperature in your freezer, which can cause bacteria to develop.

Source Los Andes

Publication Date: 29/04/2019

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