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5 Tucuman dishes par excellence

Tucumán is history, tradition, hills and also gastronomy. Therefore, in this note we present you 5 Tucuman dishes par excellence that are part of the Argentine popular imaginary.


If you visit the province of Tucumán, you can't leave these lands without trying traditional dishes. These  keep the secrets of a history,  a landscape and through the  taste of these meals  you can know  Tucumán in all its expression.  


 1. Empanada tucumana: northern delight 

 In Argentina we eat empanadas of all shapes and all fillings , but each province has its special filling with unique touches. Tucumana empanadas are juicy and freshly baked give us an  unparalleled regional flavor.  With round dough, folded in half and sealed with a traditional repulgue, in Tucumán they are filled with  meat, boiled eggs and green onions . When cooked in clay oven, it is possible to maximize its flavor. Although they can also be made in a gas oven or fried in fat, a bomb! If you travel to this province of taste, you will be able to get them  at any local restaurant.   In addition, in this area  you can also taste  other variants such as  cheese, chicken, ham or mondongo.  Would you encourage you to try them?


 2. Humita: a dish that does not sell smoke 

It is one of the typical dishes of  our traditional Argentine celebrations,  but in the case of Tucumán it even has  its own party in San Pedro de Colalao!  That is why it consolidates itself as one of the  unmissable regional dishes.   This delight is made with corn, squash and cheese. It is a thick and soft preparation, yellow in color, which  can be eaten on the plate or in shala , soft or spicy.


 3. Locro: the ideal of winter 

This dish is also part of the  typical menu of our Argentinian celebrations , but as any Argentinian custom it has its trickles and particularities depending on the province where it is cooked. This dish is ideal for the freshest days, because it provides calories and is eaten well hot. It is a preparation that  originally was a stew of  all the leftovers, and was characteristic of the popular classes, but it spread to the entire population. And so, certain ingredients were established as the infaltables for a good locro. It is a  thick preparation that has ground yellow corn, meat or charqui, ducks and pork leather, bacon, dry beans and squash.   Usually, it is accompanied with  quiquirimichi,  a spicy saucet of chili pepper and onion that enhances its regional flavor. A variety of this food is joker locro, made with a base of corn cut by knife, squash and vegetables and colored with paprika.


 4. Tamal: a particular dish 

 One of the Tucuman dishes par excellence is tamal.  While there are other provinces  that prepare and market it  anywhere, in Tucumán it is consolidated as one of the unalaltable menus. This dish is prepared with corn flour and anco or anquito (kind of squash), stuffed with beef, charqui (dried meat) or pork, raisins, eggs and seasonings. Tamal  is served wrapped in dry corn shalas tied with threads , which makes it even more tempting, and take us on a trip to  traditional recipes.  


 5. Carbonada: the beloved preparation 

An ideal dish for those days when we need  to fill the tummy to keep the heart happy.  The carbonada tucumana dish is  a mime to the soul . It is a preparation that has a  base of yellow squash, anco and minced meat.   It is usually accompanied with rice or potato and served in a kind of casserole.

 These five dishes represent the tucumanity al palo.    These are traditional dishes  that reflect the history of a village and become a reason for  meeting and celebration.  

And you... have you ever tried them?


Publication Date: 10/04/2021

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