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5 steps of the best roast

When you treat the best roast, each master with his booklet. But if you allow us, here are some good tips to prepare it even better.

5 pasos del mejor asado

Let's run to the side of our argentada from “What are you going to vernir me to teach me...” and so on.  In   Argentina   we all make the best  roast ... 

Well, if you think you can always get better. Or, even if in doubt, it is worth listening to other voices, here we go with some  advice to improve those magnificent roasts  that you prepare like no other.

 Note : they are worth a lot if you're just getting started in the great art of roasting  meats .

We eat at the beginning. Choose the butcher's shop and  meat . It's always good to be friends with the judge, says  Martín Fierro . Better yet, it's being the butcher's customer. He, better than anyone, knows when what he's going to give you is from a good animal. Equally, for more friend, notice that  the tastiest cuts are usually those that are glued to the bone . And that the fat is white and not yellowish, it is important.

Once we got home with the meat, roll up. The first thing is to clean the   grill  , to get the stale taste of fat that may have been stuck. To do this, you need to warm it well. And pour water on the guides. Then, pass a brush, to remove all residue well.

And now yes, get to work

The third step is God  fire . No burning me cotton with alcohol! Paper and carbon or wood. Nothing else. If we are at home, the  ideal is to combine firewood with charcoal . The first, gives it a special taste. Charcoal gives you the right heat needed for cooking. If you're in the open air, two things. One is to place the grill in favor of the wind, so that we don't get all the smoke to our face. The other is like at home: if there is, mix charcoal and wood. If not, lift dry branches of hard wood in the surrounding area.

 Before you put it on the grill, you need to salt the meat . Not during, not after. Coarse salt gives it a more rustic taste. The fine or even a  brine , a more delicate taste. Did you see? I also just found out there are people who do it with brine. It never would have occurred to me. So, we salted and grilled. On the side of the fat or bone, depending on the cut.

Finally, cooking. If you're hungry and you can't wait, there are two exits. Or you go with fine cuts, like  roast tira  or matambrito, for example. Or if you're with a vacuum, a tail or a loin, give them a little bit and then open them into slices. But I keep in mind it's not the same thing.  The roast can't be rush . Go to the country and see if they hurry up a roast... If you want the meat to fall apart in your mouth, fray on the fork, you have to be on the fire for a very long time.

And here is the only point in discussion: there are steakers that dizzy meat. And others that only turn it once. Throughout my long and successful career behind the grid, I tried both. And I'll keep it dizzy. Even,  it's easier to find the point for each diner . That's what I do, I'm the best, obviously.

Publication Date: 10/10/2019

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