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5 inseparable ingredients

They are real gastronomic marriages. Ham and cheese or sausage and black pudding. The use of these ingredients is always in pairs. The 5 most common cases.

chorizo y morcilla

Almost like fish, you need water to live. Similar to coffee, which without water could not be consumed. Identical to the tie, which without the shirt has no use. This is the case with these ingredients or meals that are almost obliged to be served together, in pairs.

 Ham and cheese 

The classic of the classics.  Ham and cheese  sandwiches  , ham and cheese toast, ham and cheese cake,  are the most common examples. But also the pancho can be served with ham and cheese, becoming the famous “ pancho con poncho ”. A sweet and sour recipe is the medialuna with ham and cheese. In Mendoza, the  scraped pancake   is also served with these ingredients.  And another inevitable is pizza. While the classic muzza is served, there is also the special, as popular as the previous one, composed of ham and cheese.

 Sausage and black pudding 

There is no roast without chorizo. Therefore,  there is no roast without  sausage  and black pudding . It's just that you can't miss on the grill of an argentinian basic asado. They are served first,  it is what is taken out not well the diners have sat at the table.  A chorizo and black pudding are offered. Inseparable.

 Lettuce and tomato 

They are the main ingredients of the  classic mixed salad, although in this case the onion is also added.  But in general, tomato and lettuce go everywhere together.  In a sangche, on a loin or hamburger.  If you ask with one, go with the other. Likewise, if you don't want one, you say “no lettuce and tomato.”

 Nachos with avocado 

Although it is a recipe exported from Mexico,  Argentines have already taken it as their own. Nachos are usually eaten on their own, but the truth is that they are much richer if accompanied by the famous guacamole.  At the entrance and for chopping, a bowl with crushed and seasoned silver is prepared, and a dish with nachos. The latter ride a little avocado on themselves, and to the craw.

 Bread with salame 

 The basis of all minced. “A lot of bread for that salame,” says the popular saying, loaded with the envy of the one who pronounces it, seeing a couple where one of the two has clearly and evidently more benefited in the physical aspect.  The saying understands that bread is accompanied by salami , almost always.  It's just that he's in our unconscious.  

Publication Date: 10/04/2020

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