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We go through the list of desserts awarded to us Argentines and there are only 4 survivors of real local origin.

It is one thing to be typical of one place and another, quite different, to be born there. If we talk about desserts, for example,  alfajores  are typical of  Argentina  , but their origin is Arabic. Even the name.

Here we go, then, with the four desserts that are born  in our country . True. The  Argentos .  You posta them. Pulenta them.

The Rogel is Buenos Aires. He was born in Belgrano, more precisely. Over there in the middle of the 19th century. While it is based on a European recipe, it is not. It's more like a giant alfajor. Like a lot they didn't break their brains... But there it is. And well rich it is. 4 layers of fine crispy dough, coated with  dulce de leche , and finished with Italian meringue. Give it to pack up.

 Balcarce dessert is a cake created in 1950. That's how accurate is the data. Obviously, in a confectionery in that city, which was called “Paris.” At that time she was baptized “Imperial.” But the name changed to what it bears, proudly, even today, when the recipe was sold to a company in  Mar del Plata .

The “Vigilante” was born in a warehouse in Palermo. I mean, it's also  Buenos Aires . Its name is due to the majority composition of the  warehouse 's clientele. Custody was not lacking and tino to make a dessert that until today harvests adepts, either. The dilemma is whether they invented it with  quince  or sweet potato or both...

 Chocotorta is another great national invention. No doubt. Loved by big and boys. Infaltable in any birthday event. We owe the recipe to creative advertising  Marité Mabragaña . In an attempt to generate new consumption habits of “Chocolinas” cookies. Well, if he did it! Bravo Marite!

 Traditions  indicate that we have many more desserts by locals. Some, they could be syndicated as Argentines, but no. They came with the immigrants. Like fried cakes,  custard , rice pudding,  frola pasta , mentioned alfajores, bread pudding. Not to mention the  dulce de leche . Maybe the only one in dispute. But it's not a dessert in itself.

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